Train drivers in “no platform for racists” vote – and no trains for them, either

ASLEF’s annual conference has backed a call which supporters say will mean drivers can refuse to carry members of the far-right BNP or EDL groups to rallies.

Officials say train services are regularly used to transport fascist and racist groups to demonstrations where they often cause violence.

The conference – meeting in Edinburgh – called for drivers to be allowed to refuse to transport gangs of racists if they feel they present a danger to other passengers or staff.

ASLEF negotiators will now seek agreements with train companies to accommodate black and ethnic minority drivers who feel they may be exposed to the risk of violence when BNP or EDL demonstrations take place.

Matthew Collins from the Hope Not hate campaign told delegates: “Carrying fascists is like carrying a disease from town to town”.

ASLEF general secretary Mick Whelan told Hope Not Hate after the vote: “We believe it is important to resist all forms of racism and fascism and the protection of the public and our members of staff.”

Matthew Collins is the author of ‘Hate: My Life in the British Far Right’.

He was a member of the National Front and the British National Party before becoming an activist with Hope Not Hate.

You can watch our film profile of Matt here .

Monday, May 27 2013 @ 11:34 AM CDT

From Infoshop News . Report by Pete Murray. 23.05.13


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