‘Vile’ Nick Griffin under fire for Mabida tweet

Nick Griffin Tweet

  From the Mail & Guardian (Africa) 08.06.13.

Editorial. It’s not often we at Liveraf reproduce tweets and we could have had better luck with this. Therefore, apologies for anyone who got screwed up eyeballs trying to read it. It is of course from the BNP’s very own screwed up Nick Griffin giving his opinion on the man who many of us regard as one of the greatest political heroes of the 20th century. Thanks for putting us right on that one, Nick. We will of course be happy to post any communications you might happen to send us, especially when they show you in such a sick, sad, sorrowful and decidedly slime ridden light. The last news report I heard, before I started to key this in, was that Mandela is still in a serious but stable condition. All I can say is that, if this is the end, we hope his passing will be peaceful. He will die happy in the knowledge that he ended apartheid and fired a torch which the rest of us will carry until the day comes when the earth is swept clean of racism, fascism and all other associated prejudices. I wonder if anyone will bother lighting a torch the day Nick Griffin finally overeats himself into a welcome grave.


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