Non-Violent? Attempted Mosque Arsonist Turns out to Be EDL Activist

Tommy Robinson

The EDL’s claims to be a non-violent group have been dealt another blow after it emerged that a man convicted for attempting to burn down a mosque was a member and activistJohn Parkin was intercepted by police as he attempted to set alight to Rhyl mosque three days after the murder of soldier Lee Rigby.

His latest conviction comes just fifteen months after he was banged up for a drunken, racist tirade in a bar. The ferocity of Parkin’s threats led a judge to criticise sentencing guidelines as too restrictive in January 2012, when a court heard Parkin had raged about blowing up a mosque, adding:

“I have got guns. I want to shoot Muslims in the head.”

When questioned by police, Parkin admitted:

“I am a racist. I hate Muslims”

The verdict flies in the face of Tommy Robinson’s repeated tweets and re-tweets over the last month that the EDL is non-violent:

Tommy Robinson violence claims

From Political Scrapbook . 21.06.13


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