New low for the EDL: exploiting a child with cancer for political gain

Tommy Robinson Just Giving page

The English Defence League are exploiting a two-year-old with cancer to provide cover for their far-right activities. Having set up a Just Giving page, purportedly to support a child with potentially deadly Neuroblastoma, EDL leader Tommy Robinson plans to use this as a platform for his campaigns.

The appeal provides the pretext for Robinson and his sidekick Kevin Carroll to conduct a deliberately inflammatory “walk of honour” from the 7/7 memorial, past Buckingham Palace and the East London Mosque to Woolwich, where Lee Rigby was murdered.

Despite the family of the girl concerned not being EDL supporters, a video of Robinson posted on the EDL’s YouTube channel exploits the case to make jingoistic political points on international aid and so-called NHS tourism:

“We spent £8m on a millionaire’s funeral, Maggie Thatcher. We spent £2m on that scumbag Qatada, £600m aid to Pakistan to harbour Bin Laden.”

“To say that there’s a price being put on saving a child’s life — an ENGLISH child’s life — is criminal.”

“There’s over 80 million people registered on the NHS in this country [sic] and there’s only 60 million people in this country. So we have NHS tourists coming in and using our NHS and we have English girls not getting funded to save their lives.”

As Liberal Conspiracy observe, the EDL are not using the main Just Giving fundraising page for this appeal but one set up by a woman called Helen Gower. Ms Gower is, in fact, the “personal assistant” of Tommy Robinson.

We have asked the charity for comment and will update this page when we hear something.

From Political Scrapbook . 10:09am Tue June 25th


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