UK far-right fascist group EDL mocks Stephen Hawking

The far-right EDL has made a fake, mocked up video of the iconic scientist Stephen Hawking.

The far-right fascist group, English Defence League (EDL) has made a fake, mocked up video of the iconic scientist and theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking.
The false footage, now on YouTube, shows Hawking supporting the EDL’s fascist ideology and hate towards the faith of Islam in his characteristic synthesized voice.The fake information on the video shows Hawking saying, “Thankfully groups like the EDL are helping the English media wake up to the threat posed by the Islamification of England”, adding, “Why is the British government allowing Muslims to immigrate and have children in such large numbers? When these Muslims threaten the British way of life…..”

The footage continues to insult Muslims, denouncing mosques and Muslim schools in Britain.

The video was originally posted on the EDL Bournemouth Facebook page and shared 73 times by contentious EDL-sympathisers.

Chief executive of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, Sally Light, condemned the video, telling the Huffington Post UK newspaper that “it is inappropriate and incredibly disrespectful to people living with motor neurone disease (MND).”

Hawking has been surviving MND for some 40 years since he was diagnosed at the age of 21. The famous physicist uses a computer that detects cheek movement to type out what he wants to say, before the information is sent to a voice synthesizer.

In May, Hawking was also victim to crude insults, after he planned to boycott an Israeli conference that was hosted by the regime’s controversial president Shimon Peres.

The scientist’s move led to Israeli regime supporters making offensive comments about his physical state.

From Press TV . 27.06.13

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