So David Irving’s Back in Town. Nazi “Historian” Totes His New Book Around Britain. Will There Be Any Takers?

David Irving with a copy of his earlier book; Hitler's War

David Irving with a copy of his earlier book; Hitler’s War

Here at Liveraf we pride ourselves at being first in with the news. So every antenna in the group was twitching when we heard a rumour that a cross between an odious toad and the monster from the black lagoon had been seen stirring in the darkest drains of deepest London.

We didn’t find the fiend, so described. What we did find was our old adversary David Irving, loading the boot of his car with copies of his new book.

Strange the things that come crawling out of the woodwork every time the economy goes down the pan, and dark and sinister forces need to invent some scapegoat or other. 

Anyway, he’s quite a piece of work is our Dave. You’ll probably be familiar with him as a Nazi sympathiser, holocaust denier, anti-Semite, racist, and self professed historian of the Third Reich. There’s a bit of a qualification surrounding that last one because we can’t find any trace of him possessing a degree in history, or indeed any qualification in that area whatsoever. But whoever needed the discipline of accurate dispassionate analysis where doling out Nazi propaganda was concerned?

No matter. We are here to tell you that this barrel of laughs and author of such gems as Hess, the Missing Years, Hitler’s War and Der Unbekannte Dr. Goebbels has a new piece of bedtime reading published. It’s called The Life And Death of SS Chief Heinrich Himmler.

We can’t imagine that any retail outlets will be stocking this shile of pite. Indeed, we can’t imagine any respectable bookshop who would be willing to touch it – even with a rubber mask and a pair of protective gloves.

Nothing daunted though, Irving will shortly be touring the country promoting this opus. Unfortunately, hard intelligence as to precise venues is hard to come by, but here’s a rough guide to his itinerary.

Southampton, Sunday Aug 18, 2013 at 6:30pm

Exeter, Tuesday Aug 20 7pm

Bristol, Wednesday Aug 21 at 7pm.

Coventry-Rugby Thursday Aug 22 at 7pm

Manchester Saturday Aug 24 afternoon at 4pm

North Yorkshire, Sunday Aug 25 at 5pm

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tuesday Aug 27 at 7pm

Edinburgh Wednesday Aug 28 at 7pm

Peterborough, Thursday Aug 29 at 7pm

Oxford, Friday Aug 30 at 7pm

London Saturday Aug 31 at 4pm

Watch this space for further developments. Liveraf is planning to counter-demonstrate at the Manchester launch. That’s provided we can find out where it is without paying the not quite £20-00 registration fee, which Irving is demanding.

If any anti-fascists out there can help us track down any of the locations, do please let us know. We will of course make sure the information gets passed on.

In the meantime, if you haven’t booked your hols yet, how about this for the conducted tour of a lifetime?

September 2013 – The Real History Tour of the Wolf’s Lair

“In September 3 to 10 inclusive, 2013, David Irving guides his fourth week-long tour of WWII sites in Poland, including Wolfschanze, Hochwald, the German Army headquarters, and SS sites. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime summer adventure! This event is limited to 18 participants, twelve already booked. Please apply for more information to Refundable booking deposit $500.”

No thanks Dave. A tour of the crime scenes of Jack The Ripper would be much easier to stomach.


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