EDL leader Tommy Robinson tweets link to anti-Semitic website. That’s the company he keeps

Tommy Robinson

Now, would you take this man home to meet the parents?

An interesting spot by Political Scrapbook that says a lot about the politics of the English Defence League. This morning Tommy Robinson (or Stephen Yaxley-Lennon or Andrew McCaster or Flimbo the Amazing Clown or whatever his name really is) tweeted a link complaining about mass immigration under Labour – and it turns out that the link was to an anti-Semitic website. It’s called The Traitor Within (never a good sign) and after detailing New Labour’s nefarious plan to flood the country with good plumbers, it concludes with a paragraph claiming that the ministers involved in its immigration policy “are all Jewish”.

Turns out the website is a classic example of Far Right lunacy, with articles about the BBC being run by “homosexuals and foreigners” (and I thought the EDL was pro-gay?), the “vast conspiracy against the honest people of Britain”, “ENOCH WAS RIGHT” (about what, dear? The tyranny of seat belts?) and how Jews make the best spies (on Robert Maxwell: “Yep, if you’re Jewish you can be suspected of spying for Mossad and the Soviets, become a Labour MP, be a media moghul, plunder the pension fund of your employees and issue injunction after injunction to ensure you never get prosecuted, all at the same time.”)

So why did Tommy link to it? Well, he immediately said on Twitter that he had “never seen the website before”, that it popped up his timeline and that he didn’t read the anti-Semitic bit before pressing tweet. Fair enough – we’ve all linked to things we didn’t properly read. The difference between most of us and Tommy, however, is that we don’t obsess about immigration and angrily tweet about the Muslim takeover of Britain all day – so we don’t tend to encounter those sorts of ugly websites. Unless we’re looking for a laugh and want to know what the tinfoil-hat-wearing Looney Tunes madmen of Britain’s far Right think about the Eurotunnel (a Popish plot, no doubt).

The EDL constantly says that while it despises Islam, it’s cool with Jewish and gay people. Maybe some of its individual members really are. But when you drink from the far-Right-wing puddle, you drink with a coalition of Nazis, homophobes, anti-Semites, anti-Catholics and anti-women fruitcakes who think the Earth’s flat and Hitler’s living in the Antarctic waiting for the call to fly his UFO back to Europe and restore order. Maybe Tommy isn’t anti-Semitic, but I have no doubt that he keeps anti-Semitic company on his marches through irritated town centres. What more would you expect from a former member of the BNP?

 From The Daily Telegraph . 06.08.13. Report by  .

Editorial. Tim Stanley is dead right. Poke a member of any one of the hordes of islamophobic groups in the eye and a raving  Anti-Semite will shout in pain. It reminds us of the old couplet: “You can tell a man who boozes by the company he chooses. And the pig got up and slowly walked away.”


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