Nick Griffin Laughs At Sick Joke About Nigella Lawson

British National Party leader Nick Griffin has dug himself into a deeper hole after laughing at another grossly offensive joke about Nigella Lawson being grasped around the neck by her then-husband Charles Saatchi.

“What’s the reason he got her by the throat? He couldn’t get his hands around anything else,” he laughingly said in a BNP video posted yesterday, repeating a joke he had been told by a fan.

The politician sparked outrage after he previously joked about the shocking photos, which show the TV chef in tears and visibly distressed.


Nick Griffin has made another shocking remark about Nigella Lawson being grabbedNow, discussing his presence on social media sites, Griffin – a self-described ‘Twitter master’ – laughed that the TV chef may not be a fan of his online following the vile remark.

The BNP leader then praised his own gentlemanly behaviour, describing the moment he decided not to post a sickening joke at the time – before then describing it in the video.

“Someone suggested, ‘you could tweet: What’s the reason he got her by the throat? He couldn’t get his hands around anything else.’

“Which I thought was below the belt, I couldn’t tweet that,” he chuckled.

“No. But obviously you’ve said it on television now,” the interviewer dryly responded.

To add insult to injury, Griffin added: “I still think she’s quite cute anyway, for an older lady.”

Griffin prompted a wave of disgust after previously tweeting: “If I had the opportunity to squeeze Nigella Lawson, her throat wouldn’t be my first choice.”

Disgusted Twitter users responded by branding him “misogynistic”, “a disgusting waste of DNA” and a “waste of oxygen”.

At the time, a spokesman for the BNP told The Huffington Post UK: “I think he likes her cooking. It’s a joke.”

When it was pointed out the comment had caused offence, he added: “If people can’t see there is a sense of humour there, I pity them.”

 From The Huffington Post UK . Report By  03.09.13

Editorial. Poor old Nick. Can’t open his snout without putting his trotter right in it. Unfortunately, this isn’t just a gaff or a tasteless off the cuff remark. Rather , it is symptomatic of the attitude of BNP  members generally  where women are concerned . Remember that infamous BNP conference when Hazel Hesketh suddenly emerged in the car park wearing an apron? Seemingly, the male BNP delegates had despatched her to the kitchen to make the (bacon?) sandwiches, while they discussed matters of great import, such as how do they stop the BNP from sinking even further into oblivion. Anyway, here’s a piggie, sorry, piccie showing our Nick the way Nigella would doubtless love to roast him and serve him up. 

Piggie Griffin


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