English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson kicked out of casino after national ban

  'Twice in 1 day': Tommy Robinson was asked to leave the Casino in Central Milton Keynes
‘Twice in 1 day’: Tommy Robinson was asked to leave the Casino in Central Milton Keynes
The leader of the English Defence League was kicked out of a casino after he was identified on a national database of banned players.
Tommy Robinson was forced to leave the Casino MK in Milton Keynes after checks showed he was already on a list of barred players.

The incident came just hours after he was refused service at the Selfridges store in London.

The store faced a backlash after swiftly apologising and giving Robinson a free lunch.

The move sparked national headlines after the EDL posted photos of his slap-up meal on Twitter.

A spokesman for Aspers, which operates the Milton Keynes “super casino”, said: “Tommy Robinson visited the Casino MK on Monday. He ended up winning over £1500 which requires players to show proof of ID. He didn’t have that on him so he came back the following day with the ID.

“That’s when he came up on a national register of barred players. We keep a register of people who are not allowed to come into casinos for whatever reason.”

It is understood Robinson won around £2000 and was allowed to keep the winnings.

The spokesman said he could not say why Robinson had been placed on the national register.

But a Casino MK spokesman reportedly said there had been an “incident” involving Robinson several years ago in a casino run by a different operator.

Tweeting about the latest incident, Robinson wrote: “Twice in 1 day, first Selfridges, then I was asked to leave the new casino in mk when they realised who I was.”

The tweet was later taken down but still managed to attract plenty of comment on the social media site.

@smokejack wrote: “Tommy Robinson asks for donations for legal bills whilst wearing a rolex, shopping at Selfridges & visiting a casino! It’s not funny you know”.

Robinson – a convicted criminal who leads anti-Islam protests that often end in violence – had been with a friend in Selfridges when an assistant allegedly told the shopper he was with: “F*** off, I am not serving you.”

Robinson challenged the staff member, and said he assumed the worker was a Muslim “because he had Mo on his name tag.”

The EDL chief filmed part of the exchange and put it online.

Selfridges apologised to Robinson and treated him and his friend to a meal at its Hix restaurant, champagne and caviar bar.

It suspended the worker but yesterday confirmed the suspension had been lifted and said he would be back to work this week.

 From The London Evening Standard . Report by Michael Howie 19.09.13.

Editorial. So the whizz king of the EDL gambles in casinos and shops in Selfridges? Unfortunately, Marmite was too busy yesterday to report the Selfridges incident. However, I have found a follow up story also in today’ s Evening Standard, which details some of the flack which came Selfridges’ way as a result of their suspension of the shop assistant. I’d suggest boycotting Selfridges in future, but nobody I know can afford to shop in the place.


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