UKIP’s Scottish BNP Member ?

Andy Lovie
Andy Lovie

Some people may be asking why did UKIP pass a motion at their national conference that would see the party ban Hope not Hate supporters from joining UKIP along with installing a policy of “No Platform” against our organisation?

UKIP supporters would claim incorrectly that it was a measure to protect their freedom of speech.

I would counter that the real reason behind the ban was that UKIP hate the increased scrutiny into the affairs of their increasingly xenophobic party and wish to operate in the shadows.

They want to avoid Hope Not Hate putting UKIP officials and supporters under the microscope where we would expose the dubious activities and reveal the real mindset behind some who choose to be a member of Nigel Farage’s party.

 A good example of one such UKIP member who has something to hide hails from the far north of Scotland.

 Andy Lovie is the Branch Secretary for the Aberdeen branch of UKIP and has previously stood as a candidate for The Scottish Parliament and Aberdeen City Council.

 He is a loyal member and supporter of UKIP and has been for a number of years, which leads me to ask the following question…

 Why does his name and address appear on one of the leaked BNP membership lists, claiming also that he is an activist ?

 A simple check on Google will confirm this for any of the doubters out there.

 UKIP want to shut us up. We will just increase the pressure.

 Andy Lovie and UKIP have some explaining to do.

From Hope Not Hate posted by: Simon Cressy. 25.09.13


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