BNP set to darken Blackpool tomorrow

Renshaw: Rumbled already

Renshaw: Rumbled already

 Anything but excitment is gripping the British National Party at the moment as those daft enough to still be active in the party, are being instructed to make their way to Blackpool for the party’s annual conference which will kick off tonight when a few members will try and instigate a brawl of sorts outside of a local kebab shop.

If anything, the poor attendance at the conference will be further proof that the BNP is as good as finished as a serious political party. Only a fool would believe the BNP’s own self-publicity.

Although a host of well known party members are expected to stay away, little Jack Renshaw will be the star of the show, having been groomed by the party leadership.

Renshaw has recently started attending Manchester University and is already putting himself about. Unfortunately for Renshaw, people there are already on to him. He’s been bragging that he has joined the student wing of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) but judging by the literature he has been banding around, it is actually the Socialist Party. Clever little boy that he (thinks he) is, Renshaw has been bragging that he is a “part” socialist, “just not their part”.

It’s great to see someone so young and in the BNP admitting they are a National Socialist already. Sadly for Jack, the Socialist Party are already onto him and will be ensuring he does not disrupt their student group on campus, telling us “He won’t be attending any of our functions or disrupting our activities. We are very opposed to his politics and he should know that.”

So, enjoy your time at Manchester Uni, Jack. Keep an eye out for the away team.

Also on their way to Blackpool is notorious Nazi sex tourist Thomas Imrie. The BNP must be desperate to fill those empty seats with the news that their pet drug-gimps from the North West Infidel (NWI) gang are this morning deservedly, behind bars.

Imrie has been suggesting that more cop killers like Raul Moat would be a good thing for this country. This comes after Imrie also suggested antifascists should be shot.

Whatever happens in Blackpool, there is some good news for the BNP. Having been complaining that the media is ignoring their conference, word reaches us this morning that the BBC will cover the conference, the working title is apparently, “the end of the party.”

From Hope Not Hate posted by: Matthew Collins. 27.09.2013

 Editorial. Liverafers will doubtless be experiencing feelings of Déjà vu on reading the above, for we remember when Liverpool Uni had its very own far right student activist and BNP rising star. I refer of course of course to the celebrated Jack Buckby and his gang of National Culturists. Last we heard Buckby had packed his course in and disappeared down to London, where he seems to have vanished off the radar entirely. Hopefully , this Jack  will prove to be no less of a fash in the pan.

Interesting to note that the BBC will be covering the BNP conference, if they can find it of course. According to this morning’s radio the BBC have been banned from BNP events. Something about the BBC not being friendly enough. Brother, wait till they meet me.

Come to think of it though, the conference shouldn’t be too difficult to locate at all. Just check all those shelters along Blackpool sea front. Bound to be in one of those.


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