Anti-EDL group gain support as Exeter march route announced


Exeter Together, plan anti EDL gathering ahead of EDL Exeter march on 16th November.

A GROUP that was set up in response to the planned English Defence League national demonstration in Exeter have confirmed the route of their march.The EDL has confirmed that despite the resignations of its leader Tommy Robinson it is intending to march in the city on Saturday, November 16.After the announcement a group called Exeter Toegther was formed and revealed they were planning a counter demo

They say they will go out of their way to avoid confrontation with members of the English Defence League.

And they have now finalised where they will gather on the day. They will meet at Belmont Park at 10.30am and march through the city centre to Bedford Square where it is expected a range of speakers and entertainers will perform.

Spokesperson for the group Hannah Packham said: “We have met with the police this week and had details of the march confirmed.

“We don’t know where the EDL are planning to march but we are pleased we have been able to arrange our celebration of diversity and make sure we have a strong presence in the city on that day.

“I would imagine we would vastly outnumber the EDL.”

In the week since its launch the Exeter Together group has amassed more than 300 signatures of support. This includes six national organisations, 58 regional and local organisations and 273 local individuals.

Ms Packham said: “The list is growing all the time. It reflects the diversity of the city. We want to keep it away from the EDL and have no formal confrontation. We have had no communication with them. We are aware that they said they are still planning to come to Exeter but all we want to do is make a statement that we are proud of our city and it there is no place for the EDL here.”

Ms Packham they have several planning meetings coming up to confirm the details of the march and exactly what will be happening in Bedford Square. They also want to continue attracting further support.

“We want all the different organisations to be represented and be part of the celebration so we are as inclusive as possible.

“We want to unite together in a celebration of diversity and the multi-cultural, multi-safe community we are all so proud of in Exeter. We need to stand together when this is threatened by people who just want to spread bigotry and hatred.

“When people know about what we are doing they sign up to it. They are horrified the EDL are coming to their city and everyone we have spoken to has been more than happy to support us.”

 From The Exeter Express and Echo  23.10.13.


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