Former Australian Nazi barred from NZ

Former Australian Nazi and convicted felon Jim Saleam has been blocked from entering New Zealand to speak at a National Front rally in Wellington.

Saleam, who these days is leader of the extreme Right-wing Australia First political party, was stopped from boarding a flight from Sydney to Christchurch on Wednesday.

An Immigration New Zealand spokesman said Saleam’s criminal convictions made him an “excluded person”, who was not eligible for a visa or entry permission without special exemption.

He spent 3 years in jail during the 1990s for organising a shotgun attack on the home of an African National Congress representative. He also spent two years in jail for insurance fraud.

In the 1970s, he was involved with the Nationalist Socialist Party of Australia – Australia’s Nazi Party – and has been photographed wearing swastika armbands.

Immigration NZ said Saleam was allowed into the country in March after declaring his convictions. But new information had since come to light that meant he was now required to apply for a Special Direction to visit.

In September, his Australia First party received 7412 votes, 0.1% of the primary vote, in the Australian federal election.

The National Front plans to march on Parliament today as part of its Flag Day protest to convince the Government not to change the New Zealand flag.
From OneNews (New Zealand) . 26.10.13. Source: Fairfax

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