BNP men share a dual but different sickness

Imrie: Sex  tourist and racist wants to lend a  helping hand

Imrie: Sex  tourist and racist wants to lend a  helping hand

Many, many people in the UK and across the world have donated to the disaster appeal to bring some relief to the people devastated by Typhoon Haiyan that brought death and destruction to the Philippines last week.

Even in times of domestic hardship, Britons still have enough heart to realise that there are people elsewhere in the world worse off than themselves. The majority of people who have donated will never visit or have visited the devastated country.

In the racist British National Party (BNP), the idea of donating to such causes appears to be a constant anathema.

That is unless you are Thomas Imrie, the close friend of BNP leader Nick Griffin, who despite the racist company he keeps, regularly visits Asia to pay for sex. Yes, despite being a violent, racist thug, Imrie is also a notorious sex-tourist.

Maybe it is his conscience, maybe it is self interest, but Imrie has been asking his fellow fascists to donate money for water tablets that he can deliver to a family he knows in the Philippines. You can tell by the response of his comrades, that rather than do this, they themselves would rather make disgusting remarks about Jews.

One person that Imrie has not asked to donate will be Essex based racist Mick Braun who once wrote about throwing acid in the face of an Asian he did not like.

So here we have it; two close associates of Nick Griffin, two senior members of the BNP, both vulgar racists but only one with a guilty conscience perhaps.

People who wish to, may donate to the British Red Cross appeal here:

Sad: How the BNP responds

Sad: How the BNP responds

Braun: Not interested in donating to Imrie's cause

Braun: Not interested in donating to Imrie’s cause

As usual: Braun remains a sick racist

As usual: Braun remains a sick racist

From Hope Not Hate . Article by Matthew Collins.  17.11.13

Editorial. There is probably nothing in this world which shows what scum bags the far right are more clearly than international disasters, such as the present one in the Phillipines. For proof just think back to the Haiti earthquake of 2010. While the great British public, of left and liberal opinion, were scratting around to raise whatever cash they could send, Nick Griffin was busy tweeting messages such as the following;

Sending aid to rioting ingrates while our own people die is stinking elite hypocrisy”

Not that we at Liveraf ever heard of Wales’s 2nd biggest landowner putting his hand in his pocket to help freezing pensioners of course. And before anyone asks, I’ve already sent my widow’s (Mar)mite to the Phillipines, via Oxfam. It wasn’t much, but it was all I can afford until next pension day.


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