The Dean Everitt Files: Dean & The BNP

Dean Everitt

Dean Everitt

If you turned on the news yesterday, you couldn’t help but notice the huge amount of coverage given to the governments plans to toughen welfare rules for EU migrants, in particular those planning to come to the UK from Romania & Bulgaria following the new year.

The BBC attempted to add some background to the story by visiting the Lincolnshire market town of Boston that has witnessed a significant rise in migration into the town.

The BBC reporter Mark Easton spoke to a number of Boston residents and asked how immigration had affected their lives.

One of those local “residents” was a familiar face to us, Dean Everitt, who has organised a number of anti immigration protests in Boston and the surrounding area.

What is frustrating for us it that the BBC and other media outlets refuse to take a closer look at the self appointed “voice of the people” and take his opinion at face value.

Frequently, Everitt has been interviewed and has churned out the same old lie that he and his protests are not racist.

Dean Everitt is a liar and we can prove it.

Unemployed Everitt was initially a supporter of the far right BNP and urged his friends and family to vote for them in 2010:

Just a few days later he added:

Everitt was even approached by the local BNP organiser in 2012

Over the following year, Everitt posted large numbers of articles taken from the BNP website on his Facebook page:

You can read more revelations about Dean Everitt tomorrow in the latest installment of “The Everitt Files”

From Hope Not Hate 28.11.13 . Report by Simon Cressy.

Editorial. Dean Everitt eh? When his handsome visage flashed up on the screen we thought we’d come across it before. Well spotted HnH.


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