LIVE UPDATE: 32 EDL members sentenced for Walsall Violence

Live from Wolverhampton Crown Court

“Not racist, not violent” is the well worn mantra wheeled out every time the English Defence are accused of being racist and violent.

On the 29th September, 2012, the EDL held a demonstration in Walsall in the west Midlands.  With opposition housed over half a mile away, the EDL were on their own kettled in a street in the town centre.

The EDL got drunk,  smashed up a pub beer garden and attacked the police with broken furniture as it errupted into a drunken riot.

The EDL leadership put a desperate plea out for photos and video of the day to try and clear their reputation but it backfired as supporters sent in video incriminating each other.

West Midlands police have been on a round up ever since and thirty two members are appearing before Wovlerhampton Crown Court this week to be sentenced.

Our court correspondent will be keeping this page up to date with the sentencing as they happen.

Sentencing for Monday 16th December

Craig Forward (photo below), 38, of Neptune Street, Tipton, received 25 months. Forward had thrown a three-foot-long piece of wood towards police lines.

Myles Smith, 39, of Parkway Towers, Seacroft, Leeds, received 24 months. He kicked out at one police dog and punched another dog to the side of the head.

Mark Baker, 44 of Horseshoe Close, Pleck, Walsall was sent to prison for 21 months;

Stephen Bennett, 23, of Milton Street, Palfrey, Walsall got 20 months Bennet stood on a bench and threw at least four objects at police lines.

Kirk Reeves, 40, of Colliery Road, Swadlincote, received 18 months. Reeves punched and kicked police shields’. He is currently serving an 18-month jail term for burglary. The 18 months will be served after he has finished his current sentence.

Leslie Silk (Photo below), 37, of Gatcombe Road, Bristol, was jailed for 15 months;

Peter Kirkham, 30, of New Rowley Road, Dudley was jailed for 14 months. Kirkham ‘lunged’ at an officer and grabbed his truncheon. Kirkham claimed he attended the demo because his mum was going. Kirkham was seen holding a large flower pot which he was intending to throw at police.

Gareth Ballan, 28, of Silverdale Place, Newton Aycliffe has his sentence deferred to the 13th January awaiting reports

Sentencing for Tuesday 17th December 2013

Ben Banfield, Bristol, (photo below)  was seen squaring up to police officer, shouting, spitting and throwing missiles. banfield was jailed for 20 months which was reduced from 32 months on the ground of bad health.

Tyrone Nathan Wigfield (photo below) Sheffield, 12 Month Probation and six months alcohol rehabilitation order plus £80 fine.

Dean Lidster (photo below), Dartford, was jailed for 14 months for kicking police dogs, smashing up pub beer garden furniture and using it to attack police.

Christopher Jelley (photo below) Shewsbury. Jelley was seen threatening a female police officer and making cutting gesture across his throat. He was jailed for 22 months.

Richard Schultz (photo below), Farnborough, was jailed for 45 Months for his part in the violence after the judge heard he had 92 previous convictions.

Kirk Jones (photo below), Leicester got 33 months for his part in the violence.

John Cureton, Coventry, received 36 months for being at the forefront of the action..

Mark Conway spat at police officers and launched a fly kick. He initially denied his involvement but changed his plea ahead of trial. Conway was jailed for 30 months.

Samuel Phipps, 18, of Great Wyrley was handed a 16 month sentence, suspended for two years with 160 hours of community service.

Dean Smith of Wednesbury received 27 months.

Dean Smith, Wednesbury, was said to be at the ‘forefront’ of the action although he didn’t throw or chant anything. Smith received 27 months.

Listings for Wednesday 17th December 2013

Jack Lambert –  West Bromwich

Mick Thomas – Leicester – 28 months

From EDL News 17.12.13


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