Met officer ‘broke leg of protester at rally against BNP’

Teacher Amy Jowett suffered a broken leg
Police are calling for witnesses to come forward as they investigate claims that a Met officer broke a teacher’s leg during a rally against the British National Party in Parliament Square.

English tutor Amy Jowett alleges that an officer kicked her three times below the knee with such force, it has left her facing “a lifetime of surgery.” She has already had three operations.

But she said no officer has yet been identified in relation to her allegation that she was attacked at the Unite Against Fascism protest on June 1 last year.

Ms Jowett, of Hackney, added: “The officer who assaulted me has disabled and disfigured me. I struggle to walk round the corner to catch a bus and don’t know how it will affect my job. It is unlikely that I will ever get full mobility back to my leg.”

Ms Jowett was part of a group of about 1,000 people blocking BNP supporters intent on marching to the Cenotaph. Police started pushing back the anti-fascists, and when a snatch squad tried to arrest a man linking arms with Ms Jowett she claims another officer kicked her left leg. She suffered a compound fracture and was treated by police medics before being taken to hospital.

The teacher, 35, said she attended the rally because she was worried the far-Right was taking advantage of the murder of solider Lee Rigby by Islamist terrorists in Woolwich.

“Living in Hackney and working with immigrant communities, I know how well integrated we are. It is something to be proud of and it is something I will defend on the streets,” she said.

Scotland Yard said it was taking the allegations “extremely seriously”. Investigators supervised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission have interviewed several officers.

Ms Jowett, 35, appealed to people who have camera footage of the demonstration. She said she had been left deep emotional scars: “This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I cry a lot. I’ve had counselling.”

A Met spokesman said: “The Directorate of Professional Standards is appealing for people who were at the demonstration to contact them. At the time the injury was received efforts were being made to move demonstrators. Warnings were issued and the crowd was surging.”

Anyone with information should email

From The London Evening Standard . Report by Tom Wall &  Rashid Razaq  21.01.14


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