Green candidate calls for voters to help kick the BNP out of Brussels; Peter Cranie narrowly lost out to BNP leader Nick Griffin by 0.3% five years ago

Peter Cranie Lead European Candidate for the Green Party in Liverpool and at St Georges Hall as part of their conference. Picture by Gareth Jones

Liverpool’s Green Party candidate for the European elections called on voters to kick the BNP out of Brussels this May.

Peter Cranie narrowly lost out to BNP leader Nick Griffin by 0.3% – less than 5,000 votes across the North West region – five years ago.

The dad-of-two, from Skelmersdale, is now aiming to take the eighth North West seat from the BNP and to become the region’s first Green MEP.

Mr Cranie opened the party’s spring conference at St George’s Hall yesterday, with a speech in which he welcomed hundreds of members to a city “proud” of its multiculturalism.

He said: “Liverpool is a vibrant mix of many cultures. A black community dating back to the 18th Century, a Chinese and Irish community dating back to the 19th Century and people from many different places who’ve made this city their home.

“People from Wales, Lancashire, Somalia, India, the Middle East and in my case – Scotland.

“Welcome to Liverpool – our international city. A city where in the 1960s different churches worked together to bring more tolerance.

“A city which utterly rejects Nick Griffin and the British National Party representing us in the European Parliament.

“This is a city where, in May, we will vote overwhelmingly to kick him out of Europe.”

The launch of the four-day conference was attended by party leader Natalie Bennett, the Greens first MP Caroline Lucas, and MEP candidate Laura Bannister, who was arrested at Barton Moss in Salford last year after being accused of obstructing a public highway during an anti-fracking demonstration.

Mr Cranie said: “From George Orwell to Owen Jones, we are a region that has inspired great writers and great radicalism.”

From The Liverpool Echo 28.02.14


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