UKIP candidate forwarded racist e-mail ranting against the family of murdered Stephen Lawrence

  • Ex-UKIP  candidate John White sent racist diatribe to Tory MP Peter  Bluff
  • He stood  for the UKIP party in mid-Worcestershire in 2010
  • Was visited  by police a fortnight ago after he had sent the  e-mail
Questioned: Ex-UKIP candidate John White, who was called into the police after a diatribe comparing Stephen Lawrence to an ape

Questioned: Ex-UKIP candidate John White, who was called  into the police after a diatribe comparing Stephen Lawrence to an ape

A Tory MP called in the police after his UKIP  opponent sent him a grotesque diatribe comparing  the family of murdered  Stephen Lawrence to apes.

Tory MP Peter Luff has revealed that John  White, who stood for UKIP in Mid-Worcestershire at the 2010 General Election,  emailed Mr Luff to ask if it was ‘a joke’ that Baroness Lawrence had received a  peerage.

Mr White attached a tirade by a racist  internet commentator, who wrote that the peerage made him ‘ashamed to be  British’.

Shockingly, the commentator – who called  himself ‘Pete Lucas’ – goes on to say: ‘Mrs Lawrence should be elevated higher  than the indigenous Brit, which she would normally be, due to the preference of  her species for dwelling in high places’ – seemingly a reference to monkeys.

‘Pete’ goes on to describe the peerage as  ‘treason’ and says this ‘latest ludicrous elevation of an ethnic-minority woman  to baroness on the grounds of her being black with the distinction of having had  a son murdered (sic) by white-men, is a crass injustice’.

Sic is a Latin term used to highlight an  apparent mistake – indicating that ‘Pete’ does not believe that Stephen’s death  counted as murder.

After Mr Luff told Mr White that he was  ‘truly appalled’ by the email, an unapologetic Mr White replied that his nephew  had been murdered ‘by some foreigner’ and claimed that the case remained  ‘unsolved’ because the victim’s mother was ‘a white British  citizen’.

Mr Luff referred the email exchange to the  police – who concluded that although the content was ‘deeply unpleasant’ it did  not constitute a crime.

Last night Mr White, 71, confirmed he had  been visited by West Mercia police a fortnight ago over the email.

He said: ‘I told them that I had forwarded  the email and still agreed with it.

 ‘As far as I’m concerned we have freedom of  speech in this country and I will say what I think.

‘I’m not frightened to speak and say what  other people are too frightened to say. I’m not racist. I have black and Polish  friends but I think it’s wrong that people play the race card just to prove a  point.

‘The police wanted to know who Pete Lucas was  but I told them I had no idea and they said the case was closed as far as I was  concerned.

‘I don’t understand why the Stephen Lawrence  case is still going on. It’s been 21 years and it’s time everyone moved on.  That’s why I sent it. I still agree with it.’

Mr White claimed he didn’t agree with the  ‘monkey’ reference, but still did not regret sending the  email. He added  that he had let his UKIP membership ‘lapse’ a couple of years ago.

The row comes just days after a damning  report revealed the full extent of corruption by officers investigating  Stephen’s death, including a police cover-up and a ‘spying operation’ on the  grieving family by an undercover unit.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has battled to contain a string of revelations about the views held by some of his candidates

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has battled to contain a string  of revelations about the views held by some of his candidates

Stephen, 18, was stabbed to death by a group  of up to six white youths in an unprovoked racist attack at a bus stop in  Eltham, South-East London, on April 22, 1993.

Baroness Lawrence fought back tears in the  House of Lords last week as she reacted to the report by barrister Mark Ellison  QC.

Last night, a UKIP spokesman said that Mr  White was no longer a member of the party.

He added: ‘UKIP abhors racism and takes all  allegations of racism extremely seriously.

‘John White left UKIP in 2012 after becoming  unhappy about the direction of the party.’

Mr White, who won more than 3,000 votes at  the last Election, was a member of the Labour Party for 33 years, switching to  UKIP when Gordon Brown became  Labour leader.

Last night Mr Luff told The Mail on Sunday:  ‘One only has to see the dignity with which Lady Lawrence has reacted to this  week’s revelations to realise how much she deserved her place in the Lords.

‘This exposes UKIP for the narrow-minded  bigots they really are.’

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has battled to  contain a string of revelations about the views held by some of his candidates.

Last week he pledged to weed out ‘eccentric’  candidates who have ‘skeletons in their cupboards’, and said everyone who wanted  to stand as an MP or an MEP would have to sign a charter to prove they are not  extremists.

As a result all new candidates now have to  make a written declaration that they have ‘never engaged in, advocated or  condoned racist, violent, criminal or anti- democratic activity’.

From The Daily Mail . 08.03.14. Report by Glen Owen


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