Ukip councillor set fire to his wife’s clothes in their back garden after row over who should join them at the mayor’s ball

  • Malcolm Small burnt a handful of wife Kim Van Opdorp’s treasured items
  • The couple argued about who they wanted  as guests at Mayor’s ball
  • Small, 48, admitted one count of arson at  Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court
  • Rushmoor Borough Council chief warned  Small would have to resign if he was given a custodial sentence
  • Magistrates sentenced the councillor to  12 weeks in prison but suspended the term for 24 months  
Confession: Ukip councillor Malcolm Small, pictured arriving at court, admitted one count of arson after burning his wife's clothes

 Confession: Ukip councillor Malcolm Small, pictured  arriving at court,
admitted one count of arson after burning his wife’s  clothes

A Ukip councillor is expected to resign after  being handed a 12-week suspended prison sentence for burning his wife’s clothes  during a petty row.

Malcolm Small, 48, grabbed a handful of  ‘treasured items’ belonging to Kim Van Opdorp and set them alight in the back  garden of their marital home.

The couple – who had been in a relationship  for ten years – had argued about who they wanted to join them as guests at a  Mayor’s Ball that coming weekend.

The gown and tuxedo they were due to wear at  the event were among the £2,000 worth of clothing burned, Basingstoke  Magistrates’ Court heard.

Miss Van Opdorp moved out of the home to stay  with friends following the row and found her clothing had been destroyed when  she returned to collect it.

Prosecutor Kate Prince said there had been a  history of domestic violence between the couple, who are now  divorcing.

She said: ‘On this occasion, while Mr Small  was out of the property, she returned to the home address to collect some of her  items.

‘When she checked in the wardrobe, she found  all her items had been removed, apart from her wedding dress and her winter  coat.

‘Treasured items, including a nightie  belonging to her grandmother and a ball dress she was due to wear that Friday  night, had been burned in the garden at the back of the property.

‘Mr Small admitted he had done it because he  was angry and he did not look to see what it was he was taking.

‘Ms Van Opdorp is not able to say exactly how  much the items are worth but it is thought to be thousands, probably  £2,000.’

From The Daily Mail . 14.03.14. Report by Lizzie Parry

Marmite says. At first we thought this was going to be funny – Mr Small burning Mrs Small’s smalls and all that – but then we came to the bit about domestic violence. We have no reason to think that violence towards women in any way typifies UKIP’s membership. Nevertheless it is pathetic and it places Malcolm Small in the same company as all the other swivel eyed UKIP loons who have surfaced over the past few months.


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