Conservatives select former BNP activist for safe seat

A Conservative candidate for a South Kesteven District Council by-election is a former British National Party activist. Dr Peter Moseley was selected to fight the single-member Aveland ward after the resignation of Conservative councillor Debbie Wren in January because of work commitments. Wren had been elected in 2011 with a large majority.

The announcement by Grantham and Stamford Conservatives said: “Peter is a dedicated, local and hardworking individual who has all the qualities to really deliver for local people on South Kesteven District Council. Peter already has experience within Local Government working on Rippingale Parish Council and is a member of the Rippingale Business Club. I know that supporting Peter is the only way local residents will get the District Councillor they need.”

But Moseley has a dark past. His name appeared on the BNP membership list leaked in November 2008, with the same address and mobile phone number as currently. The list described him as an activist and a “company director (remote environmental monitoring/web integration”. It added that he had an engineering degree and that his hobbies were “jive dancing, DIY”. It is unclear why those were of interest to the fascist party.

Although the leaked list is not wholly reliable and included a few people who had merely made enquiries to the BNP, it is unlikely that the party would have such detailed information about someone who was not in fact active.

Did the Conservatives know about Moseley’s political past when they selected him to fight what looks like a safe seat in a by-election on 13 March, in which he faces a single opponent? If so, did they care? The UK Independence Party at least has a policy of rejecting former BNP members, even though it does not seem to keep out all sorts of other embarrassing racists. Or did Moseley keep his previous affiliation a secret? Most parties ask prospective candidates whether they have ever been a member of a rival party. Did Moseley give a truthful reply?

We think Lincolnshire voters should be told.

From Searchlight Magazine . 01.03.14. Report by Sonia Gable


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