Woman’s suicide sparks hate fest on Official EDL Facebook Page. The apparent suicide of a woman in West Yorkshire supermarket has brought out the worst in a number of EDL supporters who are celebrating her death.

Birmingham hate filled racist, Paula Donnelly

They were commenting on a Daily Mail story which identified the woman only as being of “Asian appearance” and aged between 20-40 years. Her faith was not even hinted at. She has since been named as Sobia Yousef, 36, who is reported to have recently lost her daughter to a terminal illness.

According to news reports she stabbed herself in the neck in Asda’s Shipley store, causing a fatal injury.

By any normal person’s standards this is a horrific tragedy. But when it comes to the EDL we are not talking normal. The opening comment on the EDL thread comes from one Dave Cross who posts: ‘Killed herself “halal style” followed by a smiley icon.

Whilst many EDL supporters rightly berated their fellow supporters for making negative and hateful posts, this comment, which attracted 44 likes, did set a tone.

Take Essex racist Carol Hatch who expressed particularly vicious and inhumane thoughts in a series of comments. In reply to a poster who took issue with the hatred and mocking she said: ‘shes desperate and we are desperate. Got no sympathy for immigrants or muslims. They bring it on themselves.’ Riposting to another poster’s plea for decency she said: “this isn’t just from edl supporters, this is how most people feel, and we are nowhere near as sick as muslims the devils brigade. They should all be eradicated from the earth and sent to hell with allah the devil himself.” Clearly her grasp of morality and decency is right up there with her theological expertise.

Birmingham EDL supporter Paula Donnelly chipped in with ‘at least there’s 1 less to breed.’ Donnelly has a conviction for her involvement in a £1.25m car cloning scam. Whilst Keighley’s Paul Toth marked Sobia’s tragic death by wishing her ‘good riddance.’ Glaswegian Davie Millan joined in the hate fest, saying ‘another down, good stuff,” whilst Kim Marie, aka Kim Beale, another Essex hater (now claiming to live in Portadown), wrote ‘33534,6345,76 to go’.

Whilst we are grateful that a number of posters did seek to halt the tide of hate it’s noticeable that the page admins – thought to include Dave ‘Britian’ Bolton and Helen ‘Growler’ Gower – did not delete them. This speaks volumes of the hate driven imperative of the EDL leadership which now more than ever operates in a moral vacuum.

 Above: hate filled racist Kim Beale

They should delete the posts, tell the offending posters that they are not welcome in the EDL and apologise for giving a platform to such disgusting views. We doubt they will.

From EDL News . 27.03.14. Report by Lisa Fairclough.


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