Lieverpool AntiFascists unveils Its brand new antifascist election leaflet

EU Anti BNP-UKIP leaflet P1

EU Anti BNP-UKIP leaflet P2

First the apology.  We normally upload our leaflets to the Resources section of the Liveraf website, so that people can download and print them easily. Unfortunately, we’re having technical problems and time is pressing. IE., as Marmite keys this in, it’s only 23 days to the Euro and local government elections. Which is why we decided to to put it on the news page instead.

In fact and however, this one’s well worth spreading the news about. Combining the prose of Shakespeare, the wit of Wilde, and the imagery of Zola, it spells out what is wrong with UKIP and BNP – and why you should vote for the devil himself, rather than either of these – in language that even a ventriloquist’s dummy could understand.

So, if you want to help clobber UKIP and the BNP, please feel free to print off and distibute as many copies of the leaflet as you wish. You can do this by copying and pasting both sides to any suitable piece of  software and then printing them back to back.

And don’t worry about the fact that our Nige is hanging upside down. That isn’t the way he likes to spend his time in the batcave. It’s just the way the leaflet folds.



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