UKIP election candidate suspended over anti-Islamic and homophobic Twitter rants

Harry Perry, who was due to stand for the party in Offerton, could still be elected as an independent councillor in the May 22 local election

Harry Perry

A UKIP candidate has been suspended from the party after the M.E.N exposed a torrent of ‘dangerous and divisive’ anti-Islamic and homophobic rants he had posted on Twitter.

Harry Perry, who was due to stand for the party in Offerton, Stockport, called Muslims ‘devil’s kids’ and described homosexuality as an ‘abomination before God’.

The retiree, who lives in Hazel Grove, also sent a Facebook message to the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hazel Grove, Lisa Smart, declaring: ‘God hates homosexuality.’

A UKIP spokesman confirmed he had been suspended – but his name will still appear on the ballot paper as a candidate for the party in the May 22 elections.

If elected, he would become an independent councillor, the Electoral Commission said.

Ms Smart, who said she was disgusted to receive his ‘dangerous and divisive’ messages, has welcomed his suspension.

She said: “I’m surprised he got through the vetting process that Nigel Farage is always talking about when a simple look at his Twitter feed would have revealed some of the views that he holds.

“I think people will have a clear choice on May 22.”

Mr Perry last stood for the party in the same seat in 2012, when he got 349 votes.

In his message to Ms Smart, he wrote: “You three parties intend to change our culture as fast as possible without permission from the white indigenous population…Don’t you know Lisa that GOD HATES HOMOSEXUALITY.”

Mr Perry also called for Pakistan to be ‘nuked’ and dubbed David Cameron a ‘gay-loving nutcase’ in recent posts on his Twitter account, @harryperry15.

He also welcomed Yorkshire and Humber MEP Godfrey Bloom’s controversial remarks on ‘bongo-bongo land’, replying ‘well said’ – and tweeted that Asian areas of the north west were now ‘third world countries’ thanks to immigration.

The revelations came as an embarrassment to the party as it launched its north west European election campaign in Manchester last week.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage admitted there were ‘some idiots’ in the party as he condemned Mr Perry’s comments.

He said: “Clearly his attitude and views are entirely inconsistent with being a member of UKIP. Simple.”

But he insisted his party was the victim of a ‘disproportionate media spotlight’, adding: ‘Every party has these kinds of problems.’

From the Manchester Evening News . Report By Emily Heward 06.05.14.

Liveraf Comment. So Harry Perry thinks he’s got a sporting chance of being elected as an Independent? We hardly think so, at least not after this festering boil of bigotry and prejudice has burst all over the media. In fact it’s a fair measure of how unelectable people like Harry Perry really are, when they can’t even keep their offensive opinions out of the twittersphere in the middle of an election campaign!


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