Nick Griffin. Was He Shoved Or Did He Just get The Push?

Griffin & Walker


It was inevitable that the news about Nick Griffin’s resigning his leadership of the BNP would be met with a resounding silence on the part of the media.

Who, after all, is going to worry about a bunch of pip squeak Euro-Fascists, whose membership has been slashed to a tenth of what it was just a few years ago, who have lost virtually every councillor they ever had, and whose own leader couldn’t manage to poll more than a wretched 1.8% of the vote in the constituency he was defending in the May 2014 Euro-elections.

Who, especially in a summer which has seen a dangerous escalation in the war in Ukraine, and an equally dangerous escalation in the conflict between Israel and Gaza, gives a twopenny damn anymore about Nick Griffin and the BNP?

Quite. But there is another very good reason why this act of altruistic self-immolation went virtually unnoticed.

The BNP didn’t tell anyone.

That’s right. The decision to quit appears to have been made at a meeting of the executive on the morning of Saturday 19th July, yet the first anyone seems to have heard of it was about three minutes to 6pm on Monday 21st. Thast was when Eddie Mair, the anchor man on the BBC’s PM programme made a closing announcement that the BBC had just heard about Griffin’s resignation on the BNP website.

What, No press release? No press conference? No tv shots of a weary but triumphant Nick Griffin warmly shaking the hand of the new leader?

Marmite interrogated the BNP website to try and get a handle to all this. The statement which Mair referred to was brevity itself. It said;

“Fifteen years after first being elected to lead the British National Party, I stepped aside from the position on Saturday during a meeting of the Executive Council.

“Before doing so I appointed Adam Walker as Deputy Leader, with the result that, on my resignation, he immediately became Acting Leader of the BNP, pending the routine leadership election due under our Constitution next year.”

That little epigram has been considerably augmented since, although the reason’s for Griffin’s resignation remain just as vague as before. Even so, we’d have thought that just about the shortest suicide note in history. It doesn’t even mention the fact that, in standing down, Nick Griffin also becomes the BNP’s first ever President. And that seems to be another cosy little deal which the executive stitched up on Saturday.

We had to look to a separate announcement about Adam Walker’s taking over to discover any mention of Griffin’s new status. Not that we had to look far, for this announcement was just as brief.

“Recently Appointed Deputy Chairman, Adam Walker, has accepted the role of Acting Chairman of the British National Party after Nick Griffin stepped aside at a meeting of the BNP National Executive held on 19th July, 2014.

“The full National Executive are united in their support for Adam in this role.

“Nick Griffin has taken up the position of President. More to follow…”

What we can say is that Griffin and the BNP’s attempts to make this look like a cosy concurrence, are in all probability extremely wide of the mark. What seems far more likely is that the National Executive, and presumably the rank and file, have decided that enough is enough. Griffin had become too much of a liability, so they gave him a sword and told him to fall on it.

The Worms Crawl Out And The Worms Crawl In

But what of Griffin’s successor?

Adam Walker certainly comes with plenty of form, although we probably shouldn’t get too uptight over the fact that he’s a convicted drink driver. Driving over the limit is antisocial and not to be encouraged, but an awful lot of people have made the same mistake.

More consequentially though, he did once receive the boot from the school where he was teaching, for sending racist emails on school computers in school time.

Then there was the incident when he almost copped a prison sentence, for chasing three 11 year old children across a village green in his Land Rover, and then slashing their tyres with a Stanley knife. Temper, temper Mr Walker. You know you’re not supposed to carry offensive weapons.

Whatever, he managed to get himself banned from teaching for life for that little incident. Whoever says that was the one sensible decision which Michael Gove made during his tenure, will have me to agree with them.

He is also in the habit of wearing military fatigues to give the impression that he is an ex-soldier, despite the fact that he has never been in the army in his life.

Then there’s that mouth of his. Remember him bragging after his dismissal from the school where he taught, that he’d have no trouble getting another job because he was a fantastic teacher, whom the kids all loved. Well, there’s worse to follow. It seems that he is in the habit of referring to immigrants as “filth” and “savage animals, and to describing the Britain where I was born and brought up as ‘a multi-cultural shit hole.

The Future of the BNP.

With qualifications like those, Adam Walker might sound to some just the chap to lead the BNP into the sunlit upland pastures which supposedly were Britain before people like him came along. Note the small print however. Walker is only acting chairman, and will remain so until the position is balloted in July 2015.

What the outcome of that will be, we can’t say. What we can say though is there have been so many purges and bloodbaths down through the BNP’s existence, that there is practically no-one left to oppose him.

We can also say that Griffin’s departure will certainly not be mourned by anyone at Liverpool Antifascists, and Walker’s arrival will not be welcomed. For us, life goes on as usual. We’ll continue to combat fascism wherever it rears its ugly head, irrespective of what it calls itself, or who is in charge. That goes not just for the BNP, but for every other far right organisation on the planet.


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