Gordon Higinbotham: Reformed Nazi-lover and Benefits Britain star now linked to escort agency at council house

  • ON HIS BIKE: A picture taken from the “Gordon Hull” Facebook account.

  • CONTROVERSIAL: Gordon Higinbotham showing his “skinhead” tattoo in Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole. Picture courtesy of Channel 5.

  • EXTREME: Gordon Higinbotham’s tattoos.

Hull man Gordon Higinbotham, who appeared on controversial Channel 5 television show Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole, is now being investigated for his part in running an escort agency. Mark Williams takes a look at the father of four’s background.Gordon Higinbotham is never far away from controversy. Indeed, the outspoken father of four has had more than just his five minutes of fame on Channel 5 show Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole, when it was televised on July 7.In 2008, the 42-year-old skinhead – who is now under investigation for helping run an escort agency while claiming benefits – was caught on CCTV plaguing his home estate, Bransholme, by sticking far-right messages on shop windows, blocks of flats and other public places.In January, 2009, he was arrested and given a two-year antisocial behaviour order, banning him from distributing material that would cause distress or incite racial hatred. He was also banned from showing his 15 racist tattoos in public.

His tattoos, still on his body today, include a foot-long image of Adolf Hitler, which dominates his back, and pictures of the Ku Klux Klan.

But in an interview with the Mail in April 2010, the grandad promised he was a changed man.

He said he had been saved by policewoman Martina Akrill – the same officer who applied for his Asbo – after she referred him to bereavement counselling.

However, three weeks ago, Mr Higinbotham was seen on Channel 5’s documentary saying: “I like anyone, to be honest – as long as they are English.”

He sparked controversy when he was then filmed offering to pay his daughter and her husband if they voted UKIP in May’s European elections.

He said: “I will give you both money to vote UKIP.

“You are going to get your little a*** down to the polling station and you are both voting UKIP. I will pay for your vote. If you prove you have voted UKIP, I will pay you. If you don’t vote UKIP, you will get nothing.

“You are not voting Conservative – they are for stuck up b******s. I did not bring you up to be like that.”

He was then filmed handing cash to his daughter, telling her to “get yourself something”.

Mr Higinbotham is not shy about sharing his thoughts on social media either.

A Facebook page under the name of “Gordon Hull”, says he “works at the English Defence League”.

Gordon Hull’s cover photo is that of a skinhead with a swastika printed on his chest.

A previous profile picture of Gordon Hull shows Mr Higinbotham posing on a racing bike.

In the comments section, Gordon Hull tells social network friends it is worth £3,500, but that he paid £1,000.

He says: “It cost 3500 grand Danny.

“But I didn’t pay that. I paid a 1000 pounds mate.”

Earlier this month, Mr Higinbotham publicly apologised to the “good people of Hull” for featuring in the Channel 5 documentary and tarnishing the reputation of the city.

He claimed he wanted to stand up for the city’s thousands of poverty-stricken people.

He insisted he and his family needed protection from the abuse they were receiving from people on the streets.

He went on to criticise Channel 5 for making him look fat and urged people to inundate the TV channel with letters of complaints after damaging the city’s reputation.

Mr Higinbotham said: “I want to say sorry on behalf of me and my family to the good people of Hull for going on the programme.

“I am a proud man from Bransholme and I love the estate and Hull.

“I thought this programme was a chance to give the tens of thousands of poor people in the city a voice.

“I am getting so much abuse from people in the street, calling me a fat so-and-so and a fat Hitler.

“I am no racist and I am definitely not fat.

“The programme made me look podgy and I watched it back in horror.”

Now though, both Hull City Council and Humberside Police have confirmed they are looking into Mr Higinbotham’s part in running an escort agency after he admitted doing so to the Mail’s reporter.

More controversy could be around the corner for Mr Higinbotham.

From Hull Daily Mail  24,07.2014


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