Fury of PoWs after new leader of BNP visits shrine to Japanese war criminals who killed Allied troops in Second World War

BNP leader Adam Walker plans to visit the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo 
  • Planned trip has outraged veterans’ associations and former soldiers 
  • Shrine is the most potent symbol of Japan’s militaristic past 
  • Honours Japanese commanders and politicians judged to have committed war crimes  

Adam Walker, pictured, the new leader of the BNP, who is set to visit the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo 

From The Mail On Line  . 26.07.14. Report by Martin Delgado

Liveraf Comment. The Mail On Line’s statement that Adam Walker has a military record contradicts other press coverage which says he hasn’t. All we’ll say is that we’ll believe Walker’s record when we see it. Also, it makes damned all difference to our opposition to fascists everywhere. He remains the highly voluble leader of one of the most obnoxious political parties on the planet. And he still has the brass neck to visit a memorial to war criminals.



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