Ukip fundraiser used to run two brothels and spank people

Ukip fundraiser used to run two brothels and spank people

Vanessa Coleman Source: Facebook

A former madam has swapped running brothels for organising Ukip fundraising events, it has emerged. Vanessa Coleman reportedly made £640,000 in a year from two illicit businesses in Bournemouth before she was arrested in a police raid.

But since her release from prison in 2006, the 68-year-old has risen through the party ranks, even brushing shoulders with Nigel Farage. However, some members raised concerns over her eight-month jail term – although she served only two months in prison as her sentence was suspended on appeal.

Vanessa Coleman - Ukip fundraiser was jailed for running two brothels Source: Facebook
Ukip fundraiser was jailed for running two brothels Source: Facebook

‘I wasn’t aware of anyone being unhappy,’ Ms Coleman told Metro. ‘I’m a great Ukip supporter. I’ll carry on fundraising as long as they want me to.’ Trading as Annabelle’s Escorts, MsColeman employed 30 women and boasted of being ‘one of the most successful madams in the south of England’. She spent ten years working as a dominatrix, even publishing a memoir about her life in the sex trade. But now she runs Ukip fundraising events, such as selling tickets for afternoon tea with former Tory MP Neil Hamilton and his wife.

Branch chairmanDavid Hughes told Metro there were only ‘a relative few’ with concerns. ‘She’s not had any nefarious involvement for a long time,’ he said. ‘It would be a problem if she was carrying on with it, but she’s not.’

From The Metro 30.01.14.

Liveraf Comment. Fans of late night political chat shows will doubtless remember that the presenter of one such used to sign off by saying “We’re all off to Annabelle’s”. What, Andew and Diane and Sadman on a hashtag visiting UKIP fundraisers in the early hours of the morning? Surely not? It must have been some other Annabelle’s they were on about. Still, it’s interesting to know that not all the UKIP skeletons were shaken out of the closet before last May’s Euro-elections. Come on Nige, tell us who else you’ve got hidden in there? Messalina perhaps? 


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