UKIP leader Nigel Farage faces campaign to prevent him being elected as South Thanet MP if he contests seat in general election

A campaign has been launched to stop UKIP leader Nigel Farage being elected as MP for Thanet South.

Thanet Stand Up To UKIP is a group that claims to be supported by trade unions, local people, Labour and the Green Party as well as gay rights and disabled activists.

The campaign has been launched even though UKIP has not officially announced Mr Farage is standing in the county.

Nigel Farage

Campaign co-ordinator Bunny La Roche said: “Local UKIP activists have said Farage is on the shortlist and that means he’s bound to be chosen to run for Thanet South.

“We are dismayed – he is part of the establishment, a hard-right Tory. He tries to present himself as the man of the people, he’s not. He will only look after the interests of his class – the rich and powerful.”

Ms La Roche added she believes Mr Farage “has nothing to offer people of Thanet, except hatred, racism and bigotry”.

Thanet Stand Up To UKIP is asking people to use their vote to “stop Farage”.

Bunny La Roche
It plans a campaign of “meetings, producing publications, protests, and cultural events to get our message across south Thanet until Election Day in 2015”.

However, Tong Flaig from the Big News Margate blog said: “No doubt should Nigel Farage stand for election in Thanet he will of course be haunted by a ragbag of work-shy socialist ‘workers’ and ‘activists’ whose behaviour will range from borish to thuggish.

“To be bullied by self-righteous lefties every bit as obnoxious as any imaginary neo-Nazis is clearly going to colour UKIP’s campaign.”

Mr Farage is almost certain to stand in Thanet South in the general election – despite efforts to keep it under wraps.
The local UKIP association had been expected to identify who was on its shortlist last week, but that was put on hold at the 11th and the association said it was now planning to release the details on the day the selection meeting takes place at the end of August.
From Kent Online . Report by Peter Barnett. 12.08.14.
Liveraf Comment. Excellent news. We at Liveraf send our fraternal greetings to the campaigners at Thanet. They can rest assured that the anti-fascist left up here will be giving any far right candidates who stand on Merseyside just as hard a time. (Thinks. Why is it that the Tong Flaigs of this world always assume that people who oppose them must be part of a work-shy rabble? I’ve no idea how old he is, but in all probability I was working for a living well before he was born. “Three quid a week we wuz paid in them days Guvnor. Three quid a week and bread at sixpence halfpenny a loaf.”) BTW. You’re supposed to spell it boorish, not borish.

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