Nick Griffin expelled from British National party-BNP spokesman says Griffin ‘did not adjust well’ to new role after losing leadership and his seat as an MEP

Nick Griffin campaigning for the BNP
Nick Griffin campaigning for the BNP at a byelection in February 2014. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The British National party has expelled former leader Nick Griffin for allegedly “trying to cause disunity” in a bid to destabilise the organisation.

A conduct committee, established by new BNP chairman Adam Walker, informed the ex-MEP in a letter on Wednesday of the decision.

It stated: “We believe that, since being given the title of honorary president, you have put all your efforts into trying to cause disunity by deliberately fabricating a state of crisis.

“The aim of this was to again embroil the BNP in factionalism designed to destabilise our party.”

According to the committee, this included preparing a report which lied about key party personnel and finances and approving the leak of the allegations on the internet.

Griffin has also been accused of harassing members of BNP staff, allegedly making physical threats in at least one case, and of bringing the party into disrepute through public statements.

In addition, it is claimed, he published or caused to be published untrue allegations against the party in the form of emails giving a false account of his bankruptcy situation and disobeyed instructions given by Walker.

A spokesman for the committee said the “difficult decision” had not been taken lightly but stressed that Griffin’s behaviour had become “more erratic and disruptive”.

He added: “Although we all appreciate that Nick has achieved a lot for our party in the past, we must also remember that the party is bigger than any individual.

“Nick did not adjust well to being given the honorary title of president and it soon became obvious that he was unable to work as an equal member of the team and alarmingly his behaviour became more erratic and disruptive.”

Griffin was chairman of the BNP for 15 years until leaving his position in July. He had previously lost his seat as an MEP and been declared bankrupt.

Responding later on Twitter to the decision, Griffin said he had been “expelled without trial”.

In a second message he wrote: “Only thing is that the ruling Wigton Soviet are operating outside the constitution so I shall ignore their plastic gangster games.”

From The Guardian, 01.10.14.

Liveraf Comment. As I key this in I’m wondering why we at Liveraf aren’t experiencing the much anticipated exultation over the news. One answer is that fascism is not a movement of individuals. It is a kneejerk reaction to objective facts. In other words it will carry on and carry on as long as unemployment, bad housing, welfare cuts and the bedroom tax continue to exist, and while the realms of deep depravity can conjure up various outgroups to take the blame. Therefore, with the Griffin bird laid low, it won’t be long before some troll or other rises to take his place.

But there’s another reason for feeling less than jubilant. It is the way in which the BNP generally, and Nick Griffin in particular have been systematically exposed as emperors without any clothes. Indeed, Griffin and the BNP were the very reasons for Marmite re-entering the antifascist fray after many years of inactivity. To be precise, we’d finished off the National Front and the British Movement in  the 1980s and there didn’t seem to be another serious fascist flag fluttering anywhere on the horizon. Then along comes the BNP spluttering enough hell fire and brimstone to secure their place as the official opposition on Barking Council.

Then it all went pear shaped.  Long before their electoral advantage fell apart, long before Griffin lost his seat in the Euuropean Parliament and long before he was ousted as party chairman, it had become plain that the BNP were just a pathetic bunch of no Marx. That is fairly usual for, with one or two horrible exceptions, fascist movements generally have short term success rates. They flare up, they get rumbled and they wither away and die. 

So Liverpool Antifascists won’t be organising any street parties. There’ll be no flags or bunting or bonfires or illuminations to celebrate this latest turn of events. But neither will we be dropping our guard, because you bet your durned tootin’ that some other saviour of the aryan race is already waiting in the wings.

In the meantime, the mind can only boggle at the thought that we once thought that, in Nick Griffin, we were facing down another Hitler.


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