Passionate UKIP supporter can’t name a single thing the party stand for in painful radio interview

UKIP supporter fails to name a single policy in painful radio interview
LBC host James O’Brien often voices his opposition to UKIP (Picture: LBC)

UKIP may have experienced some pretty significant wins over the past 24 hours, however all you have to do is listen to one of their average supporters to realise how far they still have to come.

A supporter who recently called in to radio station Leading Britain’s Conversation (LBC) seemed to be just as loud as Nigel Farage but had very little information on UKIP policies.

When host James O’Brien asks Jack, from Welling, what the party stands for, the hapless supporter is at a loss for words.

After struggling through some meaningless rhetoric about immigration, Jack stutters through several David Brent-like answers, such as: ‘Loads of things.’

When Mr O’Brien continues to press Jack for one UKIP policy he is met with several awkward pauses.

Poor Jack at one point even asks the host himself about UKIP’s policies, suggesting he didn’t exactly come into the debate as an informed voter.

CLACTON-ON-SEA, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 10:  United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) candidate Douglas Carswell (2L) and his wife Clementine pose for a phone photograph with party leader Nigel Farage (R) at the Clacton-on-Sea by-election count on October 10, 2014 in England. Polls have closed in the by-election which is being held after the sitting Conservative party Member of Parliament Douglas Carswell defected to UKIP. .  (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
Douglas Carswell celebrates with Nigel Farage following his by-election win (Picture: AFP PHOTO/Leon NealLEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

James O’Brien and UKIP leader Nigel Farage have clashed before on LBC, in which Mr Farage was criticised for saying he would not want a Romanian immigrant as a neighbour.

Douglas Carswell became UKIP’s first MP this morning after winning the Clacton by-election following his defection from the Conservatives to the anti-EU party.

From The Metro . 10.10.14.

Liveraf Comment. This must surely be the biggest non-news story of the decade. It would have been news if James O’Brien had managed to uncover just one passionate UKIP supporter who did know something about UKIP’s policies. But that’s the world for you. DOG BITES MAN. That’s not news. It happens every day. MAN BITES DOG. Now that’s unusual. That’s news.


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