Racial, religious hate crimes on the rise in UK

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Racial and religious hate crimes are on the rise in Britain with the number of reported cases hitting record figures, Press TV reports.

A new Home Office report showed racial hate crimes made up 84 percent of all hate crimes in Britain, rising 4 percent to 37,484 incidents. The study also showed that religious hate crimes made up 5 percent of all hate crimes, but rose 45 percent to 2,273 cases.

“We are living at the time when sort of Islamophobia and hatred towards Muslims has become a culture. It is no longer something that is only perpetrated by the extreme right or a particular community,” Massoud Shadjareh from the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) told Press TV.

Meanwhile, the Tell MAMA, an organization that monitors anti-Muslim activities, found that there was a 400-percent spike in religiously motivated hate crimes in the immediate aftermath of the murder of British Army soldier Lee Rigby in south-east London.

About 40 percent of the reported cases to the hotline involved a link to far-right groups such as the so-called English Defense League (EDL) and Britain First, the organization said.

“After his [Rigby’s] murder, we saw a lot of people, particularly on the far right, essentially feeling as if all Muslims were responsible for what happened to drummer Lee Rigby, which is of course a kind of ridiculous notion,” Bharath Ganesh from Tell MAMA said.

Hate crime is not the only crime that has soared in the UK. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the number of rape cases in England and Wales increased 29 percent to 22,116 incidents in the one-year period ending in June, the highest level recorded.

From PressTV 18.10.14


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