BNP expels Griffin’s youth wing

Mark James: Naughty nazi

Mark James: Naughty nazi

Much ado is often made about the group National Action which is partly the alternative name for when the British National Party’s (BNP) youth wing (YBNP) want to behave like Nazis.

For the last couple of years the former and currently expelled leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin has been encouraging some of his young followers to engage with the “radical” group as the BNP ground to a standstill.

One of the leading lights in National Action is Mark James, aka Mark Jones. Jones was entrusted by Griffin to leak a series of internal BNP documents that attacked the BNP leadership last month. He was also very close to Garron Helm, the young man from Liverpool jailed yesterday for an anti-Semitic tweet to a Liverpool MP.

This morning the BNP in London has “proscribed” National Action, and in particular Mark Jones/James.

The BNP fails to mention he was until recently a very senior member of their youth wing. Instead they claim he “infiltrated” the party.

Nick Griffin will now declare this further evidence of a Zionist plot.


Porn baron expels young nazi from his gang

From Hope Not Hate . 21.10.14. Report by Matthew Collins


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