Ukip’s Paul Nuttall says party has set its sights on Southport win

“We know Southport is a place where Ukip in the past has come a number of close seconds.”

Ukip’s Paul Nuttall

Ahead of their north west party conference at the Floral Hall on Saturday, the ECHO quizzed the party’s deputy leader, Bootle-born Paul Nuttall, about whether the resort’s Parliamentary seat will be targeted by Ukip, if they think they will find success at the general election in Southport and why they have chosen to come to the Mersey town.

Mr Nuttall said that, following their main conference held in the resort in 2009, that was “probably one of the best conferences we have had as a party,” that it was time to return to Southport. Leader Nigel Farage will also be in attendance on Saturday.

The MEP said: “We know Southport is a place where Ukip in the past has come a number of close seconds, but we haven’t been able to get over the line in terms of council elections yet, but we know equally Southport is a place where Ukip positions in Southport have support.

“We have targets up and down the country, and to look at somewhere like Southport – the demographic, how we have done in past elections, the split in the parties, I think Southport is a seat that interests us greatly.”

Mr Nuttall said he would be “amazed” if they didn’t make gains in Southport at the vote in May or possibly even dramat-ically reduce the Liberal Democrat majority.

He said: “We are getting a massive amount of support across the country, equally if you look at the opinion polls and where we are doing well, this is in seaside resorts, more so than anywhere else.”

Mr Nuttall said that support is growing for the right-wing party because people feel disengaged with politics, and “look at those representing them in Westminster and think they don’t sound or act like us”.

He said: “People find out what we stand for and they like what they hear. That is why we are polling at over 20% according to some opinion poll companies.”

Mr Nuttall said that, if the party were successful in taking control of the Southport seat, they would do exactly the same as they would for everywhere else.

“Obviously there will be local issues that the local branch will deal with, but it is the big national issues that people are concerned about; crime, immigration, defence spending, involving ourselves in far-flung foreign adventures – that is why people are coming to Ukip, we speak common sense and the language of the men and women on the street.”

Ukip’s Parliamentary candidate for Southport, Terry Durrance, who will be speaking at the conference, said his party were targeting more than 130 seats across the country in their general election campaign.

From The Liverpool Echo . 05.11.14 . Report by Georgina Stubbs .

Liveraf comment. Liveraf does not normally give publicity to its enemies. Also, we are well aware that Southport isn’t even on UKIP’s list of the 100 most winnable seats in Britain. Therefore, we are quite willing to believe Paul Nuttall’s claim is nothing more  than a classic piece of bluff and bluster from one of the masters of bluff and bluster. Even so, and remembering that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, we’ll be watching to see how this thing develops. If it turns out that UKIP is planning a mass campaign in sleepy little Southport, they may find that the combined  forces of the anti-fascist left will be quite enough to expose them for what they are – a bunch of crypto-Powellite racists who can’t even stand up and tell the world what they really believe in.


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