British nationalists think Westminster Cathedral is a mosque

Westminster Cathedral
After the BBC ran a straw poll asking people if they believed UKIP’s Nigel Farage had what it took to become prime minister, the party complained about the poll being held outside a mosque.

Except it wasn’t a mosque – it was actually Westminster Cathedral.

The most important Catholic Cathedral in the entire country.

BBC’s Andrew Neill asked Farage, “Why don’t your members in Thanet know the difference between a mosque and the premier Catholic cathedral in the country?”

Farage responded, “Well the people’s army are not all wholly trained.”

UKIP defines itself as a patriotic party all about, “putting Britain first.”

Even though it doesn’t know Britain’s major landmarks.

Twitter has since responded to the mistake by helpfully pointing out other things which are not, in fact, mosques.

From Times LIVE . 01.12.2014


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