Ban the jobless from driving to ease congestion, Ukip candidate says

Lynton Yates also argued cyclists should be forced to ride on the pavement and give way to pedestrians

Ukip candidate Lynton Yates has suggested that the jobless shouldn't drive
Ukip candidate Lynton Yates has suggested that the jobless shouldn’t drive Photo: PA
A Ukip candidate has said millions of benefits claimants should be banned from driving to ease congestion on Britain’s roads.

Lynton Yates, the party’s hopeful in Charnwood, Leicestershire, urged the jobless to “catch a bus” rather than clog the roads with traffic.

In a campaign leaflet handed to constituents, he argued all those who claim benefits should automatically have their driving licences suspended.

The 64-year-old also said cyclists should be forced to ride on the pavement and give way to pedestrians.

The leaflet reads: “”We could likely remove six million cars from the roads if benefits claimants were not driving. Why do they have the privilege to spend the tax payers’ hard earned money on a car, when those in work are struggling to keep their own car on the road? These people really could catch a bus.”

Mr Yates, a Ukip councillor on Leicester county council’s transport committee, previously served as a Conservative councillor for 12 years.

According to, he is expected to receive 12% of the vote in Charnwood.

His leaflet continues: “As much as I applaud cycling as a form of exercise and past-time [sic] the already congested roads cannot cope with both bus lanes AND cyclists.

“Cycles should go back to the pavements yet give priority to pedestrians.”

It ends with the words: “Yet again we’re proposing common sense policies and common sense solutions.”

Simon Sansome, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Charnwood said suspending the driving licences of the unemployed was “an absolutely idiotic idea”.

Labour’s shadow health minister Jamie Reed said Ukip was “not so much a political party but a stag night out of control”.

A Ukip spokesperson said “These are not UKIP policies and they will not form part of the UKIP manifesto.”

Mr Yates did not respond to requests for comment.

From The Telegraph . Report by  . 21.01.15.

Liveraf Comment. Even by UKIP’s extravagant standards, this must be one of the silliest proposals ever to come out of the mouth of one of its mouthpieces. If  Lynton Yates ever got off his bike long enough to check, he would find that it is far more expensive to travel by bus than it is to make the same length of journey by car. Given the measly pittance which the state pays to people on the dole, it is downright insulting to suggest that they should be expected to travel around looking for work by hopping buses.

The surprising thing is that 12% of the Charnwood electorate is expected to vote for this pillock. Let us hope that, come election day, they will one and all tell him to go take a hike. 



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