Anti-Ukip group to launch Thanet’s ‘biggest political event’ in years

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

March aims to bring people together

Bunny La Roche became infamous after she heckled Nigel Farage on Question Time.

The campaigner, well-known in Thanet for her political views and flamboyant hair colour is part of a group borne out of the concern that Ukip targeting of the area will lead to an increase of prejudice and bigotry.

Thanet Stand Up To Ukip is planning the march and rally to take place in Margate on February 28 . Organisers believe will be the biggest political event the Isle has seen in many years.

There will be a march through the town, accompanied by musical bands and singers, followed by a rally with national and local speakers, and the event is timed to coincide with Ukip’s national spring conference being held on the same weekend in Margate Winter Gardens.

Ms La Roche said: “We’re planning to have lots of good music and fun, with drummers and acoustic musical acts

“We want this to be a real carnival event of solidarity between people of all political traditions and none and from all our ethnic communities against racism and prejudice. Ukip, of course, claim not to be a racist party, but time after time, their candidates are caught out making racist remarks. Two weeks ago, another prospective candidate for parliament was dropped after endorsing far-right posts by the Nazi British National Party and the English Defence League.

“We would welcome anyone to join us who believes that Thanet should be a prejudice-free zone and who wants to demonstrate that there is no place for racism or bigotry in local politics.”

Ms La Roche added: “People from all over Britain will be coming to this event. It will be the biggest political event Thanet has seen in many years.”

In a previous conversation, Mr Farage told KoS: “They [Stand Up to Ukip] are the bigots – they want to suppress political freedom.”

From Kent News . Report by  .  16.02.15.


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