Ukip Is No Longer Seen As A Long Term Party And Will Not Last 10 Years, Poll Says

Most voters think Ukip is a fading force in British politics, according to a new poll.

More than half of voters surveyed by YouGov doubt the anti-EU party will still be on the political scene by 2025, compared with 35% who thought the same in October last year.

In the latest survey, 53% said they think the party will fade over the next decade, while only 30% think it will endure.

This follows on from a steady decline in people intending to vote Ukip, which peaked at 19% in October but now hovers around 14% or 15% according to YouGov.

This increase in skepticism could be attributed to Nigel Farage‘s upcoming campaign in South Thanet, which is reportedly forcing the party leader to keep a low profile and avoid any potential gaffes in his bid to take up a seat in the UK Parliament.

“We’re in the middle of an election campaign,” Farage’s Ramsgate office “angrily” toldBuzzFeed News when they attempted to schedule an interview. “We’re far too busy to talk to the press.”

The media blackout orchestrated for the usually high-profile leader is the strategy of Ukip’s campaign chief Chris Bruni-Lowe, who wants Farage to focus on door-to-door tactics without the camera distracting him.

nigel farage pint cigarette

Nigel Farage enjoys a cigarette and a pint as he takes a break from campaigning

He will though undoubtedly be gracing our TV screens with his mustard corduroy trousers again soon, as the Ukip Spring conference will be coming to viewers live from Margate on 27 and 28 February.

nigel farage pint

Nigel Farage enjoys a pint in the Hoy and Helmet Pub in South Benfleet, Essex

This latest YouGov poll comes hot on the heels of another, which suggested nearly half of Ukip voters admit to being “racially prejudiced” but deny being racist.

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Liveraf Comment. Here at Liveraf we are great believers in not counting dead chickens until the hatchet job is done. However, we’ve had the feeling that UKIP is fast becoming a sinking ship for some while now. It’s not something you could easily put your finger on; just the changing reactions of people we’ve met on the doorstep or when we’ve been out leafletting. That plus the fact that, just like all the other far right parties, UKIP seems to be stuffed to the gunwhales with bigoted narrow minded motormouths, who just do not know when to shut up.

Well, we always said that UKIP were the BNP in blazers and, just like the BNP, they have blazed awhile and they seemed to offer a credible answer to all the nation’s problems – for a while, and until the electorate saw through the facade. Sorry Nige, UKIP might be capable of running a whelk stall, but that’s about all. Even so, opinion polls are notoriously fickle barometers, and we sincerely hope we don’t have to eat our words. But it looks increasingly likely that Nige will be back to the day job when May 8th dawns.


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