Britain First published a video online of their members looking for revenge against the group that confronted Nigel Farage with his family at a Kent pub last month about UKIP’s policies on immigration.

Around ten members of Britain First, dressed in their pseudo-military attire, stormed a building on Old Street, London, where the Beyond UKIP group were conducting a meeting.

In the video, Britain First leader Paul Golding tells the camera:

“We’ve found the same people who harassed Nigel Farage and scared his family, and as you can see the cowards are barricading themselves inside a room rather than face the righteous anger of British patriots.

“We’re here to give them a taste of their own medicine.”

Other footage from the incident, not published in the official Britain First video, shows members of the group grabbing and threatening a Beyond-UKIP member and trying to force their way into the room where other members of the left-wing group were sheltering.

Dan Glass, who organised the controversial anti-Farage protest last month, was quoted following the incident as describing the Britain First members as “UKIP henchmen”.