General Election 2015: UKIP vote surge across Merseyside

Ukip secure second place across number of Mersey constituencies as poll share increases


Ukip leader Nigel Farage

UKIP increased its share of the poll massively on Merseyside – becoming the second biggest party in a number of constituencies.

While Nigel Farage’s party made no gains, its vote share surged dramatically into double figures for the first time.

Ukip’s Steven Flatman polled second in Walton, with a 6.4% increase from the 2010 election. In Knowsley, Louise Bours came second to Labour MP George Howarth with almost 10% of the vote.

While in West Derby, Stephen Twigg’s Labour seat, Neil Miney, pushed the Tories into third.

There were noticeable swings elsewhere on Merseyside, too, as UKIP established itself as Merseyside’s protest party.

The party’s deputy leader Paul Nuttall, who lost to Labour’s Peter Dowd in Bootle, took a 10.9% share of the vote, while, in Southport, UKIP candidate Terry Durrance enjoyed 16.8% of the ballot as incumbent Lib Dem MP John Pugh’s majority was scythed down.

Mr Nuttall said: “To come second here, and in other seats around the country, sends a message out that it’s time for change. Bootle is Labour’s second safest seat in the country and it was always going to be a big mountain to climb.

“But now we are in second place we become the opposition here, and in 2020 we can look to make real gains.

“The first past the post system does us no favours, but a vote share of around 15% around the country shows that we have gained ground.”

The party also saw a 5.6% rise in Garston and 5.9% in Luciana Berger’s Wavertree seat.

There were similar 5-6% increases in the UKIP vote share across Wirral constituencies.

From The Liverpool Echo . Report by John Siddle . 08.05.15

Liveraf Comment. Just when you thought the week’s election news couldn’t have got any worse, along comes this reminder of how many voters UKIP were able to con into voting for them. No, Farage and co didn’t make the breakthrough they would have liked, but what they have done is to lay the foundations for the General Election in 2020. Also, the results reported above have been replicated across the country. Indeed, some of UKIP’s  most spectacular gains seem to have taken place at the expense of the Labour Party. If so, then the working class, which traditionally has always been in the vanguard of opposition to fascism, is now being lured into a tissue of lies and spin into voting for its class enemy!

Comrades! Do not put down your shovels even for a single second. We have to bury UKIP before it buries us.


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