It was, all things told, a great day. The sun shone down on one of Britain’s most beautiful cities as its citizens, aided by antifa from across the country, total humiliated the fascists that had come to town.

Only bullets can stop us they’d said, but it turns out water bottles, fruit and milk would be enough to do the trick. When around 30 fascists from National Action and the naughty older boys from the North West Infidels were met by hundreds of antifascists, they faced a barrage of amusing chants punctuated by airborne bananas and water bottles. With not a bullet in sight the teenage terrors withdrew to Lime Street’s station’s Left Luggage booth, pulled down the shutters and waited for Merseyside Police to rescue them.

only bulletsThe dream.

fruit and water

The reality.


The result

Given they had no opportunity to get out of the station the White Men cancelled their march early doors. But the humiliation continued. They were forced to hold court with Merseyside Police in the adjoining pub to discuss how their baggage could be reclaimed.

pub“Please officer, could you give us all a lift…”

The plan was not that cunning, involving two police vans pulling right up to the door of the pub so those fearless fascists could climb in the back and be driven away from the city – and away from over 1,000 anti-fascists who had gathered outside.

For those that had not assembled in Lime Street but tried their luck on the surrounding streets, the story was even worse. Liam Pinkham, a man who has already notched up two convictions in the city, led a small separate contingent who apparently collectively slipped on a banana skin or two. These bold lads, which include old EDL News friend Wayne Baldwin, decided to stroll between the station and St George’s Hall, to be met by a vociferous antifa crowd who helped the police escort them to safety, patting them on the back and head as they went. It was sweet.

Wayne Baldwin etc

Then there was this dapper gent, smartly turned out in his black suit, black overcoat and gaily swinging his black brolly. Sadly the Fascist at C&A look was soon spoiled as he had an unfortunate accident with some milk (for which we hope a farmer was paid a fair price). Before being bundled into a police van to also be escorted from the city he was heard to mutter “Well this isn’t going very well.” These were the most perceptive words uttered by a fascist on Saturday, and summed up not just his experience but that of the whole day for National Inaction.

MilkMilk, in’t it brilliant.

The fall out in the far right was swift, with the National Front first to lay a metaphorical boot in as the scale of the humiliation sank in. They, apparently, are older and wiser although as they’re planning a gathering in Manchester next week that can certainly be questioned. For National Action and the North West Infidels it was an unmitigated disaster and they will not be forgiven by their former fascist friends. Calvert in particular may face a tough time having stood back and watched as a couple of his pals endured the wrath of locals. Sometimes you have to stand alone because you’re shit scared eh Shane?

Following the debacle the city’s mayor, Joe Anderson, praised antifa for sending the fascists packing, telling the Liverpool Echo:

“I think the reaction that they got in the city was not unexpected. I think the city is, for me, a city that is proud of its tag that we are called the world in one city.

“I think whenever the city is bullied or intimidated or threatened we all come together and we stand together.”

It was indeed a terrific day, one that showed the power of collective action. Whilst the fascists cowered and ran, the people stood firm, loud and proud. God bless ya Liverpool.


You’ll never hail a cab from there mate.

Renshaw and Jarvie crop

Jack and Wayne discuss tactics. “I know, let’s go to Left Luggage, get surrounded pull down the shutters and have to be rescued by Merseyside Police. It’ll be brilliant!”

red hoody

OI! You on the right..you only had one job.

Diddy shat

From EDL News Liverpool . 16.08.15.
Liveraf comment. Well whaddya know. Marmite was just about to pen a chronicle of the event when I came across this excellent piece by EDL News , which says it all, and which saved me from re-inventing the wheel. Well done lads. The bad news of course is that Liam Pinkham showed up with a bunch of his mates. That was one posturing little tomnoddie we hoped had learned a modicum of sense following his jailing for fascist violence a couple of years ago. Obviously not.

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