No Show, No Go. The White Men March into Oblivion – But Still Can’t Set Foot In Liverpool.


First, the lowdown. National Action is the most vicious and most violent and most openly Nazi bunch of lowlifes and scumbags which Marmite can remember tangling with in almost fifty years of fighting fascism.

Several months ago they announced that they would be coming to Liverpool to stage what they laughingly called The White Man’s March. Obligingly, they told us of the date and time of their arrival, and even gave a rough idea of the route they planned to take. That march was scheduled to take place on 15th August.

What a bunch of suckers!

They arrived in Liverpool alright, to an extremely hostile welcome from several thousand protesters, who managed to pin them in a left luggage office on Lime Street Station. Yes, that’s their feet sticking out in the picture below.


Needless to say, the Police hustled them out of there and back on a train to Wigan so fast that their heads probably haven’t stopped spinning yet.

Before their dignified exit, National Action left the anti-fascists with a clear, unequivocal warning. They would be back two weeks later on August 29th, and this time there would be no messing. They were going to take Liverpool or die in the attempt.

They didn’t show.

Not only did they not show, they left us with another unequivocal warning. They would return on September 5th, and this time there really would be no messing. “Liverpool will be ours”, they bragged.

By now, the anti-fascist left had cottoned on to what was happening. National Action would keep crying wolf until we, and the Police, got fed up and stopped turning out. Then they could march unhindered and unopposed.

Sorry lads. We don’t work that way. Saturday September 5th dawned bright and early to a heavy Police presence and an even heavier presence of protesters. Everybody, Police and protesters, expected this shower to arrive on the 14-00 train from Euston.

The 14-00 from Euston was late by about 20 minutes. When it arrived, not a single member of the master race disembarked.

They didn’t show – again! This time they issued a statement saying they’d cancelled the march at the last moment. In fact, rumour had it that they’d left the train at Warrington, and turned turtle back to whatever leafy laned and zephyr caressed suburbs they had crawled out of. This time, they announced a new date. They are now set to grace us with their presence, this coming Saturday September 12th.

You know what Marmite doesn’t think? Marmite doesn’t think that National Action ever got on that train, or that they had any intentions of marching in Liverpool on that day. For that matter, I don’t think they’ll be back on the 12th. But we’ll have spotters and snappers out looking for them, ready to rouse the masses if need be.

Let me give National Action three pieces of advice.

Firstly, we in Liverpool don’t wear down that easily. We withstood the depression, and we withstood the blitz. And we sure as hell aren’t going to allow a bunch of neophyte neo-nazis to soil our beautiful pavements with the undersides of their boots.

Secondly, the anti-fascist movement in Liverpool is extremely well organised. If you set foot anywhere in our city, we will know about it and we will mobilise and we will stop you. No, we won’t behave like the vicious testosterone fuelled rabble which you take such delight in being. We will be orderly and we will be disciplined, and we will make it impossible for you to march through sheer weight of numbers on our side.

Thirdly, and I’ve seen this happen on several occasions, if you ever do find yourselves able to march without the opposition getting wind of it, the good people of Liverpool will give you such a hard time you will end up wishing that you never had set foot here.

There at least, we can concur. There are many thousands of anti-fascist socialists and trade unionists who are wishing you’d get the hell out of it. Stay out of our city, get out of our country, get off our planet, and leave the human race to enjoy each other’s company!

Report by Marmite. 06.09.15.


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