Who we are

Liverpool Antifascists is an autonomous group of local activists, dedicated to driving fascism from the streets of Liverpool. We exist to confront fascist ideas, activities, and organisations wherever and however they occur.

Our structure is anti-authoritarian and non-hierarchical. We oppose discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, disability or age.

Our activists come from a broad variety of movements, and so we cannot claim to be an “anarchist,” “socialist,” or “communist” movement. However, all of our members agree on two things: that we need working class unity against fascism and that there should be no platform for fascists.

Working class unity against fascism

The success of fascist politics depends on a divided and disorganised working class.

It is only through unity that the working class are only able to defend ourselves, and so it is no surprise that the bosses promote division. In the past, they used women workers against men, blacks against whites, and even Catholics against Protestants. Today it is casual workers against permanent ones and migrants against natives. The weaker groups are ruthlessly exploited, and as a result the stronger groups are undercut and weakened.

It is no accident that fascists promote the same divisions. The first fascist groups were openly formed by the bosses; the later ones were used by them. Fascism is often used as a synonym for racism, but although racism is a tool fascists will employ, this is not the case. It is a weapon, waiting to be picked up and used to divide the workers.

Liverpool Antifascists holds that the only way to resist fascism, and indeed the capitalist exploitation of workers for profit, is for the working class to unite. Bigotry in all forms needs to be opposed, if we are to not be manipulated by our common enemies of fascism and capitalism.

No platform for fascists

“No platform” does not mean censorship or state bans.

Fascists relish being able to play the victim, and fascist ideas should be confronted head-on rather than blotted from sight. Moreover, history teaches us that the state will use any mandate to censorship and proscription against the left and the working class far more readily than against the far-right.

Liverpool Antifascists rejects the liberal argument that we must appeal to authority in order to make the bad men go away. Fascism is an attack on the working class, and it must be defeated through working class self-defence. We must confront and dismantle their hateful and divisive ideas. We must build a movement to outnumber them and drown them out on the street. We must physically resist them when they try to organise and put their policies into action, or to invade our communities.

This is militant antifascism. “No platform” is not the form of censorship and state oppression that liberals advocate. It is working class self-defence against the ideas and the force of the far-right.

Security & recruitment

For tactical and security reasons, Liverpool Antifascists is not an open group. That said, we are always on the lookout for potential new members who are committed and security-conscious. If you are interested in getting involved with Liverpool Antifascists, or if you would like to support us in our work, please get in touch.

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