Film Clips Of The Anti-Fascist Demonstration in Hamburg 2/6/2012


Fascists Humiliated in Brighton – Again!

Casuals United, the football hooligan wing of the EDL, made complete tits of themselves in Brighton today (2nd). In response to their humiliation at March for England the fash thought it would be a good idea to come back in even smaller numbers to have a go at the “rabid hordes of commie UAF gays” that passes … Continue reading

Three Arrests outside BNP Court Case in Liverpool

This morning, the BNP National Treasurer and Griffin ‘yes man’ Clive Jefferson, was at Liverpool Magistrates Court on charges relating to his arrest outside the Crown Court earlier in the month. The BNP had called for a national mobilisation to support Jefferson, yet unfortunately the active BNP membership is disappearing as fast as party funding. … Continue reading

Fascists botch attack on Bootle picket line

On Thursday May 10, hundreds of thousands of public sector workers took strike action around the country. Amongst these was my own workplace, with one of the largest and liveliest picket lines at least in Bootle. It was also the scene of a brief clash with fascists intent on disrupting proceedings. On the whole, the strike … Continue reading

Liverpool Antifascists picket Quiggins Attique

Today was the Infidels of Britain’s nationwide day of “direct action.” In Liverpool, we were promised that the Scouse Infidels would be “busy bodies,” and they even had a special National Front “Vote Quiggins” banner for the occasion. In reality, Liverpool Antifascists got the drop on the far-right, who were nowhere to be seen in … Continue reading

Brighton: Fash, bang, wallop

Reposted from SchNEWS Quote of the day – “Well who thought it was a good idea to organise these two demonstrations on the same day? Surely it was obvious there would be problems” – random Brighton theatre-goer/by-stander Yesterday’s counter-protest against the March for Englandexceeded all expectations. Although the fascists did march they did so inside a … Continue reading

Liverpool Antifascists clash with National Front and the Infidels

Last night, as a result of pressure from students and the threat of a disruptive anti-fascist demonstration, Liverpool University cancelled today’s mayoral debate. It was to feature the National Front, BNP and English Democrats, and stopping it was decisively a victory. Liverpool Antifascists held a rally today to underline this point. Upon hearing that the debate … Continue reading

A poor show for the NWI in Bolton

Today, the North West Infidels went to Bolton. There was a month of hype and build up, especially after the events in Liverpool on February 18, and in the past week threats and tough talk were bandied about on the internet. But ultimately, the demo fell flat on its face. Having been first with the … Continue reading

Fascists met with spontaneous opposition in Liverpool

Today, the British National Party held a stall in Liverpool City Centre. Much like the last time they did this in 2010, it was met with spontaneously organised opposition from local anti-fascists and members of the public. The event is instructive with regards to recent developments in the fight against fascism. Firstly, and crucially, it is worth … Continue reading

Fascist threats against Occupy Liverpool come to nothing

Given the dreadful events of the weekend, it’s worth noting that whilst the far-right have treated my blog as an admission of defeat, it was actually a wake up call. Moreover, judging by what took place tonight, it’s a wake up call that is being taken seriously. Tonight, Occupy Liverpool had called a General Assembly … Continue reading