20th Anniversary of the BNP victory in Docklands

Twenty-years ago, people were waking up to news of a momentous event in British politics. The previous day, a small by-election had taken place on the Isle of Dogs, and for the very first time ever, a member of the British Nationalist Party had won an election. The victory of the BNP on the night … Continue reading

The best way to fight the EDL’s anti-Muslim bigotry is by showing solidarity on the streets

This racist group has been treated with a certain amount of indulgence by Britain’s mainstream media. We need to drown them out      It’s been a good month for the English Defence League. Before the renewed wave of anti-Muslim bile after the horrendous murder of Lee Rigby, the EDL seemed to be staring into … Continue reading

Woolwich murder: we must use reason to beat terrorists; To deny the Woolwich attackers any shred of rationality is to come perilously close to excusing them

Flowers adorn the site where the soldier Lee Rigby was killed in Woolwich Why did the Woolwich killing happen? Less than a week on, the debate has swiftly moved on to the issue of “preventative measures”, with Theresa May proposing new internet controls and the banning of groups preaching hate. Yet anyone who dares to use … Continue reading

Got sent a BNP pamphlet today

Came back from holiday to find I’d been sent a letter and pamphlet from a Tony Bamber in Preston soliciting my support for a campaign calling on Muslims to apologise and make amends for the heroin trade for which ‘they’ are “almost exclusively responsible”. A quick websearch confirmed my suspicion that Bamber is a British … Continue reading

Fascist conference in Wirral

A conference of a variety of European fascists is taking place today in Wirral at this hotel- http://www.facebook.com/thorntonhallhotel This is a picture taken earlier today. Most in the photo are well known BNP activists, also Bruno Gollnisch from the French Front National and Marc Abramsson from the Swedish far right National Democrats. Abramsson was sentenced in … Continue reading

Stop the BNP Demo in Glasgow – 28th July 2012

*****UPDATE**** 27th July On Saturday 28 July 9AM, the BNP will descend on Glasgow city centre for what leader Nick Griffin is calling the “biggest nationalist demonstration ever in Glasgow”. It follows their failed attempts – alongside their fascist chums in the Scottish Defence League – to carry out activity on Buchanan Street over two Saturdays … Continue reading

Racism in football: putting the boot in. What’s it like being a black footballer in Britain today? With former England captain John Terry in the dock accused of racially abusing a fellow professional, we ask the players who know

Sol Campbell: ‘I had to go down this road by myself. No authorities wanted to take notice.’ Photograph: Antonio Olmos for the Guardia It is 30 years since Paul Canoville became the first black footballer to play for Chelsea. When the team-sheet was announced, with his name as substitute, the National Front held a meeting in … Continue reading

Bristol 14th July: **LIVE UPDATES**

A blog post updated live with information and pictures as they are received. If you have any info for us, please submit it via the comments section on this page, and we will add it asap. 23.48 – ****CLOSED**** 23.00 – Great atmosphere at the #stopedl arrestee #solidarity demo at trinity police station. Come down if your in the area … Continue reading

The Books Interview: Matthew Collins. The author of “Hate: My Life in the British Far Right” explains what drives people towards extremist groups like the BNP and the National Front.

You joined the National Front as a teenager in the late 1980s, but became disillusioned after taking part in a BNP attack on an anti-racist meeting in south London. Was that a moment of revelation, or part of a more gradual process? I wasn’t a stranger to violence. But that was the moment when I … Continue reading

Debunking the Myths

Of all the smears, myths, distortions, and untruths that the far-right wheel out from time to time, there are three that are a source of particular personal irritation. Firstly, is the case of Enoch Powell. I have seen countless stickers, posters, websites, Facebook pages, and profile pictures of Enoch with a Union Jack background, with … Continue reading