Pegida UK: A lacklustre disappointment to its German parents


A man with a swastika on the back of his helmet holds a sign aloft amid the Pegida UK crowd in Newcastle.(IBT) For a new protest group, there is little new about Pegida UK. Its launch in Newcastle on 28 February could barely muster a tenth of the support its parent organisation in Germany drew, … Continue reading

Ukip would get rid of Minister for Women and Equalities, says MEP Janice Atkinson


Her speech was met with a round of applause at a Ukip conference A Ukip MEP said that she would scrap the role of a minister dedicated to policies regarding women, ethnic minority and LGBT issues. Janice Atkinson – who infamously apologised for referring to a Thai supporter of Ukip as a “ting-tong from somewhere” … Continue reading

Six top Ukip candidates have links to racist groups: Party launches probe after BNP cartoon stereotyping minorities is posted online

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Ukip’s top election candidates caught posting racist and offensive material The party last night launched as investigation into the offensive media Much of the material came from BNP or other nationalist splinter groups Ukip’s official General Election candidates have been caught posting racist and offensive material on the internet, revealing disturbing links between Nigel Farage’s … Continue reading

The truth about Britain First – the one-man band with a knack for Facebook


Beneath the publicity stunts and the hoodwinking of innocent Facebookers, is a far-right minnow desperately hitching its wagon to Ukip Paul Golding, the de facto leader of Britain First since its founder, Jim Dowson, quit. Photograph: Johnny Armstead/Demotix/Corbis Last year, my organisation Hope Not Hate, produced a report into the activities of the new far-right … Continue reading

Ukip Is No Longer Seen As A Long Term Party And Will Not Last 10 Years, Poll Says

Farage visit to Sandwich - Kent

Most voters think Ukip is a fading force in British politics, according to a new poll. More than half of voters surveyed by YouGov doubt the anti-EU party will still be on the political scene by 2025, compared with 35% who thought the same in October last year. In the latest survey, 53% said they … Continue reading

Stuart Wheeler restores cash flow but says Ukip will still fall short


Stuart Wheeler has reopened his wallet after the apparent truce between Neil Hamilton and the Ukip leadership One of the UK Independence party’s most generous donors has dropped his threat to cut off funding and plans to spend £100,000 on its general election campaign. Stuart Wheeler, who has given Ukip more than £700,000 during the … Continue reading

BNP fall complete: Racist party can’t find enough candidates to qualify for BBC election broadcast


In 2010, the BNP won 563,743 votes at the General Election, but this year they are struggling to even find candidates BNP leader Adam Walker took over from Nick Griffin to 2014 The far-right British National Party is set to lose the right to an election broadcast as it cannot find enough parliamentary candidates, an … Continue reading

Pegida UK promoter Matthew Pope wants Islam banned and has far-right links

G20 Leaders Meet In St. Petersburg For The Summit

One of the Facebook pages of Matthew Pope, an official spokesman for Pegida UK.(Facebook screengrab) The man acting as official spokesman for the Pegida UK group confessed to spreading hate through a Facebook page he ran called “Ban Islam”, claimed there are no peaceful Muslims and has social media ties to the far-right. Matthew Pope … Continue reading

Anti-Islam group’s first British march could attract thousands of protesters


Pegida has sparked huge controversy in Germany and the group warns more demos could be planned in the future German landmarks remained dark in protest against Patriotic European Against the Islamisation of Europe who were marching in the city. Pictured counter protesters against PEGIDA in Stuttgart A notorious ‘anti-Islam’ movement is coming to Britain with … Continue reading

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen mobbed by Oxford Union protesters


Controversial nationalist politician gives a speech at the prestigious Oxford Union, blaming Western society’s ills on Islamic ideology Leader of the French party National Front (FN) Marine Le Pen (C) arrives to give a speech at the Oxford Union’s prestigious debating society in Oxford Photo: EPA French far-right political leader Marine Le Pen has received a … Continue reading