Bristol UKIP candidate’s secret double life as a porn star revealed

John Langley -M5 crash  benefit gig

John Langley A UKIP candidate and senior party official works in his spare time as a porn star and adult movie mogul, the Bristol Post can reveal. John Langley, who is standing as a councillor in the Stockwood ward in the coming city council elections, is known in adult film circles as Johnny Rockard. Mr … Continue reading

Ukip muzzles foot-in-mouth candidates by ordering them to avoid discussing RSPCA and moral issues

Nigel-Farage 2

A leaked document, seen by the Mirror, has revealed how Nigel Farage’s party is also instructing candidates not to attend meetings on abortion.   Goodbye gaffes? Nigel Farage’s party has told candidates not to discuss moral issues  UKIP has banned candidates from backing the RSPCA or giving their opinions “on moral issues” during the general … Continue reading

UKIP’s Farage Faces Battle To Win Kent Seat

His first week has been dogged by accusations he simply isn’t in South Thanet enough and that he isn’t engaged in local issues. “It’s 10% Nige”, “oh that’s much too strong for me” suggests Nigel Farage as he decides what pint to drink next. We are in Margate, with an all too familiar scene, the … Continue reading

Anti-racists beat back EDL thugs in Oxford protest

THE racist English Defence League (EDL) flopped miserably when it tried to demonstrate in Oxford at the weekend. Hundreds of trade unionists, students and anti-racism campaigners were joined by Oxford’s Mayor Councillor Mohammed Abbasi, councillors and parliamentary candidates when they staged a counter-demonstration against EDL thugs on Saturday. More than 300 people attended the counter-demonstration … Continue reading

UKIP absorbs Britain’s far-right


  English Defense League march. Newcastle, 2010. [Gavin Lynn/Flickr] Sparsely attended far-right rallies in Britain highlight the decline of a movement in disarray, but experts say that some of its ideas have found new expression in the Eurosceptic UKIP ahead of elections in May. Anti-fascist demonstrators outnumbered the roughly 400 people at a raucous English … Continue reading

Preventing far right extremism? Schools in EDL and BNP heartland only monitoring ethnic minority pupils

EDL rally

EDL supporters from South Yorkshire at a demo in Rotherham, near Barnsley, 2014, by Chris/Flickr Schools in an area with a history of far-right activism have been singling out black and ethnic minority pupils in monitoring for signs of radicalisation – while suggesting white children are not at risk due to their skin colour. The three schools, in Barnsley, South … Continue reading

Israel should kidnap Barack Obama and put him on trial like a Nazi, Ukip candidate says


Jeremy Zeid says Israel should ‘do an Eichmann’ on the US president The Israeli government should kidnap Barack Obama and put him on trial like a Nazi war criminal, a Ukip election candidatehas argued. Jeremy Zeid, the party’s candidate for Hendon, said Israel should “do an Eichmann” on the US president. Adolf Eichmann one of … Continue reading

Rozanne Duncan Makes Yet More Racist Comments After Being Fired From Ukip


Despite being fired from Ukip for being racist, Rozanne Duncan has once again described in public her less than positive feelings about black people. Duncan, who served on the district council for Thanet – where Ukip leader Nigel Farage is standing for election, in Thanet South – made her latest controversial statement during a televised … Continue reading

Arrests at White Pride rally in Manchester city centre’s Piccadilly Gardens


Dubbed a ‘celebration’ by White Pride organisers, more than 100 people met at the Piccadilly Tavern pub before marching with National Front flags    Neo-Nazi rally in Piccadilly Gardens on Saturday  Police made a number of arrests as up to 100 Neo-Nazi campaigners took to Piccadilly Gardens to celebrate ‘being white’. The protesters marched from … Continue reading

Ukip is the sleaziest and most disreputable party in Britain, voters say


Voters rate the party as nearly as sleazy as bankers Voters think UKIP is the most sleazy political party in Britain, a new poll has found. 63% of people branded Ukip “sleazy and disreputable” in the latest YouGov poll compared to 44% for the Conservatives and 33% for Labour. Of all the national parties the … Continue reading