National Front faces formal embezzlement probe

THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty The investigation will add to the official scrutiny of the anti-EU, anti-immigration party’s finances. PARIS — Marine Le Pen’s far-right party was placed under formal investigation Wednesday on suspicion that it participated in an embezzlement scheme during France’s 2012 legislative elections. National Front treasurer Wallerand de Saint-Just announced the procedure against the party … Continue reading

The BNP faces oblivion as lost European election deposits batter its finances

The party’s latest accounts show it has just £45,756 in assets, with the Irish wing having no assets and the Welsh branch just £17 Getty. British National Party Dying breed: The British National Party is struggling for support. The British National Party is facing political oblivion despite trying to profit from the refugee crisis. Its latest … Continue reading

No Show, No Go. The White Men March into Oblivion – But Still Can’t Set Foot In Liverpool.

First, the lowdown. National Action is the most vicious and most violent and most openly Nazi bunch of lowlifes and scumbags which Marmite can remember tangling with in almost fifty years of fighting fascism. Several months ago they announced that they would be coming to Liverpool to stage what they laughingly called The White Man’s … Continue reading

Fewer than 20 protesters turn up to support BNP rally outside Home Office in Croydon

  DWINDLING: The BNP protesters (right) are significantly outnumbered by the anti-fascist crowd FEWER than 20 protesters turned up to support the British National Party’s anti-immigration rally outside a Home Office building in Croydon today. The BNP had invited a 200-strong “pan-patriotic alliance” made up of right-wing groups but their numbers were dwarfed by anti-fascism protesters. … Continue reading

BNP accused of exploiting refugee crisis ahead of today’s Croydon protest

Video: Clifford Le May Anti-fascists will meet head-on with British National Party (BNP) activists outside a Croydon immigration centre today. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) accused the BNP of exploiting a “toxic political climate” by planning a rally outside Lunar House, the Home Office’s main immigration centre. The protesters said the far-right party was “trying to … Continue reading

Rock Against Racism – how an artistic movement took on the National Front

A forthcoming exhibition at Autograph ABP gallery will showcase the work of Syd Shelton as he photographed the Rock Against Racism concerts between 1976 and 1981. Rock Against Racism (RAR) was a meeting of musicians and artists and political activists. Working together, they promoted racial harmony and understanding in the fraught political environment of the late … Continue reading

Former rising star in French National Front on trial for car-burning

Front National activist on trial for burning cars in small town Adrien Desport, who denied the attack was politically motivated, said the attack was a sign of rising crime in the area Adrien Desport, a party activist for the Front National. Photograph: Twitter A young party activist for France’s far-right Front National (FN) has gone on trial … Continue reading

National Front leader recovering in hospital after collision with bus in Rossendale

Emergency services rushed to the scene and the road remained closed from 12.15pm to 4.50pm while Mr Bryan was cut free from his red Vauxhall Astra. Kevin Bryan The leader of the National Front is recovering in hospital after a dramatic head on collision with a bus in Rossendale. Kevin Bryan, 52, who is the … Continue reading

Concerns Britain First ‘demonising’ young migrants in Whitstable asylum row

Britain First leader Paul Golding outside the Ladesfield care home A far right organisation is inflaming tensions over plans to convert a care home into a centre for asylum seekers, according to a group working for young migrants. Kate Adams, a member of the Stop the Cuts Campaign, feared extremist group Britain First was ‘demonising’ the … Continue reading

North Wales fire service employee quits amid investigation into alleged posts on far-right website

The clerical worker was being probed over allegations they uploaded material onto a Norway-based site The fire service employee allegedly wrote about the English Defence League on a far-right websiteThe fire service employee allegedly wrote about the English Defence League on a far-right website A North Wales fire service employee has quit amid an investigation … Continue reading