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Liverpool Antifascists Generic Leaflet >> Our new full colour leaflet outlining why we oppose the far right and making the argument for working class unity against fascism.
No platform for racists and fascists >> A basic leaflet which lays out Liverpool Antifascists’ position on No Platform and what militant antifascism is.
The BNP exposed >> A four-page leaflet which explains why, contrary to their claims, the BNP are an anti-working class party and exposes them for the fascist thugs that they are.
Immigration & housing – the facts >> A leaflet which debunks the myth that immigrants are to blame for the housing crisis, explaining how greed and privatisation have made life harder for the working class – native and migrant alike.
Jobs & migrant workers – the facts >> A leaflet which debunks the idea that immigrants are “taking all our jobs” and explains how slogans such as “British Jobs for British Workers” only serve to divide the working class and allow the bosses to better exploit us.
Fascism & fundamentalism – two sides of the same coin >> A leaflet which challenges the image of the EDL as a non-racist organisation opposed to militant Islam and explains how, like those they claim to stand against, the EDL are a reactionary organisation which will not solve working class problems.
Don’t deliver fascist garbage! >> A leaflet for postal workers explaining why they should oppose the BNP, and the conscience clause which means they don’t have to deliver fascist material.


Don’t deliver fascist garbage! >> Poster urging postal workers not to deliver far-right propaganda, and certainly not through your door!
 Quiggins? Fascists! >> Anti-fascist mayoral election poster

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