See EDL members abuse Newcastle book group who wanted to discuss Russell Brand’s ‘Revolution’

The video shows Newcastle EDL supporters gatecrashing the meeting then refusing to leave before chanting and being ushered out by police In a video provided to the Chronicle by EDL regional organiser Alan Spence, EDL members begin to disrupt the meeting at Bar Loco in Newcastle by shouting a chant of: “No surrender, no surrender, … Continue reading

The best way to fight the EDL’s anti-Muslim bigotry is by showing solidarity on the streets

This racist group has been treated with a certain amount of indulgence by Britain’s mainstream media. We need to drown them out      It’s been a good month for the English Defence League. Before the renewed wave of anti-Muslim bile after the horrendous murder of Lee Rigby, the EDL seemed to be staring into … Continue reading

EDL’s North East boss Spence jailed for attack on left meeting

The English Defence League’s North East regional organiser Alan Spence has been jailed for his part in an attack on a socialist meeting, along with several of his racist and fascist cohorts. Spence is a leading figure in the EDL – and a key link between the EDL and the British National Party: he stood … Continue reading

The Extremist Defence League

Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) with Alan Spence-(Inset) Spence with BNP leader Nick Griffin The English Defence League likes to parrot its worn out mantra, “We are not the BNP and we are not nazis”, over and over again. Simon Cressy takes a closer look and finds a different story.Is the EDL racist? People have asked … Continue reading