Anti-Fascist Network formed

A national network of militant anti-fascists has been formed. An Introduction to AFN: An Anti-Fascist Network is being built by independent and grassroots groups seeking to working together against the rise of fascism in our communities. Over the last year alone, the English Defence League (EDL) have held as many as 20 marches or static protests and … Continue reading

The repercussions of a ban on the EDL

Recently, I made the case yet again against using the state to fight fascism. One key point in this was that by calling on the state to stop a protest taking place because those marching are fascists you set a precedent for them to do so when those marching aren’t fascists. Thus, the only thing … Continue reading

The EDL to return to Tower Hamlets

The following post comes from the Tower Hamlets ALARM website. We repost it here because, though LiverAF doesn’t hold the explicitly anarchist position that ALARM do, we agree with the class-conscious approach to anti-fascism as a counter-point to apolitical and liberal anti-fascism. Last year a far right wing religious group was to hold a conference … Continue reading